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A Friend’s Beautiful Dining Room Decor

This is home decor day and I haven’t had a chance to even straighten up a corner of the house in a week or two, much less do anything new! Most of last week I was in a panic because while trying to fix one itty bitty problem with the blog I ended up destroying it. That problem was still there, but nothing else was. Hence the new design. Anyway, I had nothing to share. So I started going back through old pictures to see if there was anything I’d never shared for whatever reason. Time, forgot, or most likely, crummy pictures. I ran across these pictures I took of my friend Melanie’s dining room in May of 2011. I’m pretty sure they were never blogged because the pictures weren’t as good as the room deserved. But the design is really pretty and I’m sure you can find some inspiration in there. The dining room looks much different now. Same beautiful furniture, but the tabletop arrangements are different. Many of the same components, but arranged differently and with new friends.


We made gutter guard cloches that year:
Dining room decor


She bought the sconces in the picture below from me the minute I unpacked them. I never even got to enjoy having them for sale! For that matter, once I really looked at them, they might not have even been for sale. They probably would have been living at my house. But I get to enjoy them every time I visit her.
Dining room decor


Shelf of little French icons. The shelf itself is a fancy piano leg! Hmmm… Why didn’t I get a full length pic of that?

Religious icons shelf

Hope you enjoyed the quick tour of Melanie’s dining room. Now I’m off to work on this mess. Got to get out of the shop by the end of the month. And yes much progress has been made since those pictures were taken.

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