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A pretty decent buying weekend – Junk Picking

I’ve not been out buying much at all this year because… well… look at the previous post. I hardly need to. I’ve got to work out all the things causing the storage problem. Got to get it all in booths. And we are making progress! Deciding to bypass Etsy has made a huge difference. I can just slap a price on something and get it out of here. But there was a moving sale in my neighborhood last weekend that I knew I couldn’t miss. Prices turned out to be a bit more than I was willing to spend, but I still came home with some pretty good things. These are a few. I didn’t get pictures of everything. It was a case of didn’t get a lot, but what I got was good.

Then there was this little green toolbox.

I thought it was so cute! All blue-green and small and stuff. But when I got home, I discovered this written on the side in permanent marker:

Because these were inside:

So I’m estimating these letters and toolbox to be at least 35-40 years old. But the writing on the end will never do. I tried rubbing Goof Off on the writing and got the dark black off, but the writing remained, albeit faded. What did I do then? Something really stupid. Will I ever learn? I let the Goof Off sit. Whaaaaa!!!

Let my stupidity be a lesson to you all. Do NOT let Goof Off sit on paint. I know better! Another thing not to do with Goof Off? Don’t use it on brushed aluminum. It takes that brushed finish right off, too. Maybe the lesson here is to not use Goof Off. I used to always keep lighter fluid around for sticky residue, but have been out for ages. And yes, I know there are many other things to use. I’ve tried and used most of them. Hair spray might have worked on the permanent marker. It’s just that Goof Off was the only thing I had around that day and I was in a hurry. 🙁

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