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Nature in apothecary jars

Nature in apothecary jars : Just Vintage Home

Decorating with apothecary jars. I bought these at an estate sale back in February. Had to pay $2.50 each for them and that was half price!! I hoped the estate sale person knew something I didn’t. Thought surely they were old to be priced that high, but I later realized that I have at least one that I’d bought at a yard sale just like ’em, so I probably just paid too much. Still, I like them grouped together and until now couldn’t decide what to put in them.

Nature In Apothecary Jars : Just Vintage Home

A cocoon, feathers, tiny shells and dandelion puffs.


Dandelion puffs in an apothecary jar : Just Vintage Home

I saw this idea on Pinterest. Do you know how hard it is to find dandelion puffs when your husband won’t let the grass get more than a couple of inches high? It seems like every time I think to go looking for them, he’s just mowed the lawn.


Cocoon in apothecary jar : Just Vintage Hom

I’ve had this little cocoon for about 20 years.


Picture of lady with hydrangeas : Just Vintage Home

How much do you love the old picture of the lady with her hydrangeas? It’s a favorite of mine. Don’t know who she is, but it doesn’t matter.



Sitting next to the jars is the terrarium I bought at the same sale as the jars. It was a much better bargain. It holds the few birds’ nests I’ve found and a large piece of bark. The picture isn’t very good and I almost didn’t include it. So much glare! It’s hard to get good pictures of that mantle with glare coming from the wall o’ windows, the big mirror in back reflecting the rest of the room, a ceiling fan that’s always running, 1960’s ceiling tiles and almost always the camera.

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  1. What a fun way to save and enjoy some of nature’s treasures!

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