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A repurposed piece of enamelware

When I spotted this 8″ square piece of enamelware recently, I knew immediately it should be a magnet board. Normally, I’ll see something and think that needs to be in my stash. Surely I can think of something to do with it. Then years later, it’s still in my stash. But not this time. And I hopped right on the “project”! Of course, all I had to do was make some magnets and then stage the photo.

Enamel piece repurposed into a magnet board

I’m trying to talk myself into selling this along with the magnets and recipe card. Even wrote up the description and put it on Etsy, but took it down a half hour later. I’m enjoying it too much. Not even using it anywhere. It just makes me smile when I walk by and see it.

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1 thought on “A repurposed piece of enamelware

  1. How clever. I love a good repurposing.

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