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Weekend Picking Finds

I still haven’t got back into the junking groove. Still so much I haven’t done anything with, but I did go to an interesting sounding “estate” sale in nearby town last week. The pictures looked like there could be some good things hiding in the boxes and piles and the sale company made it all sound so exciting. I’d never been to one of theirs before, so decided to un-hibernate and go see what it was all about. 

My phone has been so sick. Among lots of other problems, the camera was permanently set facing me and only another factory reset (I’d already done about 6) would fix that. It just didn’t seem worth it, but I soooo wished I had a working camera with me when I stepped into this house! 

A nothing special rolling pin

First, it was sweltering. Second, the house had NO AIR CONDITIONING!! The money takers were sitting outside under a shade tree. 

The estate sale company had come in and priced what little furniture was there and nothing else. Seems to be their standard mode of operation. I do believe I’ll go to more of theirs. They let you lump smalls together and give you a price for all. If you don’t like it, they’ll deal! 

Other than furniture, there were boxes. And boxes. And junk spilling out of closets and boxes. And more boxes. And more junk. Apparently, the sale company did little or nothing to display or even see what was in those boxes. It was a mess, although the neighbor did say the outside looked better after they started working over there. As I was looking through that mess, I had the feeling it wasn’t a true estate. It felt….. younger. I started talking to the neighbor who said the couple was in their early ’50’s and the husband had died. The wife was moving. Apparently the junk was all much too overwhelming for her.

Old muffin tin

~~~Old muffin tin. Maybe put candle votives in it at Christmas?~~~

When I say “junk”, I’m not talking about the kind of junk we like. I’m talking true, cheap, uninteresting, junk. And boxes of clothes. But I found the Christmas closet and stood there, dripping sweat, for about half an hour. Hunting so hard! Surely there was something! I came out with these:

Christmas items from the latest junking adventure

A few old ornaments, some beaded garland, small Christmas balls, stemmed Christmas balls, Christmas cookie cutters and reindeer and small bottle brush trees. I’m not sure how much of this I’m keeping and how much I’m selling. Because I don’t have enough vintage Christmas decorations. An’ all. Like that. Ya know. There were a few other Christmas things I was happy about, but got them home and saw they were broken. Guess the sweat dripping in my eyes affected my vision. Yeah. That’s it.


Old angel food cake pan

Old, angel food cake pan. I’m trying to find one whose center opening is the right size for a candle. Haven’t checked this one yet.

Colorful 1960's snack set

The best purchase. This 1960’s snack set was new in the box. Still in it’s individual, plastic bags. The box says “Japan” and the trays are Melamine with metal edges. Pretty cool, if you ask me!

Then I bought a couple of things especially for me:

Some suiting fabric for all that sewing I do — in my head:

Gray suiting fabric



One Brillo pad. Remember the post I did on how to save money on cleaning products? I practice what I preach. 

Our three old granddaughter, Dani, and I went to local yard sales the next day, but neither of us found anything. No, that’s not true! I bought an old, Riccar, 4 thread serger. I want a good 5 thread to replace the one I have. Mine won’t work with 5 threads any more, only 3, so I suppose 4 is better than what I have. It’s still in my trunk. Because – all that sewing I do is in my head. 

Best news of the weekend is that I got a new phone! Finally! Mine was so very sick and had been for months. It was old. Refurbished who knows how many times. Dying of old age, I guess. Actually, I had broken three phones and insurance kept replacing it with the same model. Of all the nerve. Ha! So, I kept having to pay $150 for a replacement phone before learning my lesson that they really do need a case. The phone, in its illness, had a dead spot in a crucial area and would have seizures. Windows would open, different ones, one after another at lightening speed. Then the screen would slide and slide and slide. And it would suddenly and randomly call someone on its own. I wouldn’t know until I either heard someone talking or they called me back. And there was the aforementioned camera problem. Now I have the new, LG G5. Supposed to have one of the best cameras on the phone market. That and a Samsung. My old one was a G2. I do love the LG’s. Not an iPhone snob at all. 


4 thoughts on “Weekend Picking Finds

  1. Oh that snack set!! LOVE that! And the green Christmas ornaments, and the rolling pin! Glad you got a new phone. Yes we have to take photos of those sales nobody would believe unless they saw a photo.

    1. I couldn’t figure out why no one had snatched up the snack set. Even in the box, it stood out among all the other stuff.

  2. I love all your vintage finds, I just checked out your utube and its great! I am trying to put one up too.

    1. Thanks Maria. But no ads showed up, right? :-/ I’m hoping to get a new video of the booth today. Plan to do a major overhaul. One I haven’t done in quite awhile. Ricky is always with me when I go these days and it’s basically a drop and run thing. We’re going in separate vehicles today so he can get back to work. And now that I’ve got the new phone, I’m anxious start filming again!

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