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This One Girl Show Is Pooped!

This one girl show is pooped

“Tard”. Too pooped to pop. That’s me. What have I been doing, you ask? I have no idea, she replied. I know for a couple of weeks I was rearranging the shop getting ready for Christmas. Got all the decorations out that are for sale, but I’ve still got to really decorate. Yeah, I had a cute arrangement of the knee hugger elves. All vintage. Had about 20 of them, priced all for one money. Had them sitting on stuff and hanging from things. Real cute. Didn’t get a picture because they only lasted a few days before going to a new home. So much for my one cute display.

Let’s see, what else. I was open the last two weekends, so no sale attendance for me. I now officially lead a boring, shop owner’s life. No, not boring. But I don’t get to do as much as I used to. But I’m going to rectify that. Since I don’t do much business the one weekend I am open each month, I’m going to only have quarterly planned open weekends next year. See how that works. That’ll give me more weekends back. I still won’t be able to take off to an unscheduled estate clearance sale on Monday (like I missed this week), but it’s better than those once a month weekends which seem like they come around every other week. Someday I plan to hire somebody, but I’ve got to take baby steps first.

This month has been a very good month at the shop. Maybe the best so far. And I’m trying to get more things on the web site and eBay. All work and no play. Shoot! That’s right! I haven’t played in a month!

………I’m continuing to add newspaper articles to the Sylacauga History site. That’s sorta easy, but lots of fun. I enjoy reading about my home town from so long ago. I’m already beginning to feel like these society ladies I read about are my BFFs.

What else? I didn’t decorate for Halloween. That’s not like me, but I just couldn’t find the time. I might get Turkey Day stuff out tonight or in the morning.

Ummm…. I cleaned some on Sunday. Cleaned out the laundry room and my closet. Cleaning always reminds me of my house’s shortcomings and makes me more determined to find my dream house or one at least a little closer to it than this one. Don’t get me wrong. I love my house. Raised my kids here and there are a lot of happy memories, but it’s never been exactly what it needed to be. That’s partly why I’m working so hard to get stuff on eBay and the web site. Um hmm. Gonna get that dream house with the money I make on eBay. LOL

Sorry for such a dull post, but I’ve honestly got nuttin’ to talk about. That’s why I’ve not blogged in so long. Writer’s block. And the time change takes the wind out of my sails by 4:00. It’s 5:30 now and I’m ready to go to bed. No, I want to eat first, but it’s only 5:30! Maybe I can hold out until 6:00.

Later gators,


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2 thoughts on “This One Girl Show Is Pooped!

  1. yeah, the time change really hit me this year, too. I’m forcing myself to work the first two hours I’m home…cuz if I take any time first to read email or browse blogs, I’m done, and the work never gets done. sad. i miss my friends 🙁

  2. Welcome back!
    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. It’s nice to hear from you.
    Sounds like you have been going a 110 miles an hour. It’s that time of year isn’t it? Seems like there is never enough hours in the day.

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