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How ’bout I had a decent buying weekend?

Finally. Hope it doesn’t let up for awhile. Well, maybe long enough for me to get some money back, but it sure was nice last weekend to finally get something to show for the gas I’d used. For a couple of months now, the only money I’ve been spending has been gas money. Not good. Money going out with nothing to show for it.

Last weekend was unusual in that I found vintage clothes. I don’t always run across clothes. Now I’m hording them until I get enough not to be a flash in the pan seller. Got to find a couple of models, too. My tall, majorette niece will do it, but everything is not going to fit her.

Starting with the stuff, here it is in all it’s yard sale glory.

Reddy Kilowatt plate
, 1970s mushroom coffeepot, Dansk pepper mill and ’70s Fitz and Floyd candlesticks.

’70s plaid tote bag, Santa coasters, vintage cards, garden fork, hat for the flowers.

Two oak leaf frames. Oak leaf? Is that right? A little cabinet to paint, an old crayon box, another frame and an old, tin, nail box.

Two deco frames and a

1928 Birmingham police department collage picture.


And now the clothes, wrinkles and all. They don’t look very exciting hanging like that, but they’re actually kinda fun. The two long dresses are Gunne Sax. Found at two different sales on the same day. There are a couple of 60s semi formals and some 80s stuff.

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5 thoughts on “How ’bout I had a decent buying weekend?

  1. I am so glad to see you…seems ages since you’ve blogged, you’re on my blog roll so I know when you post something new…welcome back hon…and frankly I love that white blouse…and fur trimmed jacket…yummy
    Just so good to see you!

  2. Love the treasures you found! The vintage clothes are awesome, although I can remember wearing some dresses like the GunnySax…vintage??…say it ain’t so! :} The one photo with the oak leaf frames, though, love everything there. You can just box it all up, and send to Florida! Promise I’ll give it a good home. *elaine*

  3. I think I had that long navy Gunne Sax dress for a sort of formal affair. I felt very chic at 14-15 years old to bare my shoulders in such a way. What a tramp I was! JK! haha! I really like those oak leaf frames! Glad you had a good shopping weekend!

  4. You did very well at your sales! Love that jacket with the fur collar, beautiful!

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. Gosh, I’m late in replying!

      I love all your vintage clothes and am looking forward to seeing what you do with your new web site. What a chore that is. Are you doing it yourself?


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