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Is Christmas over yet?

OK. I’ve been reminded that I haven’t blogged in 6 days, but honestly, I haven’t done a thing worth talking about. I’m extending the holiday vacation and staying home with the intention of getting this place cleaned up and cleaned out. What’s really happening is I’m sleeping a lot, sitting around in comfy clothes or maybe not even bothering to get out of my housecoat, watching TV, talking on Facebook, puttering around here and there and putting up decorations as the mood hits.

You know, I believe I do see a hint of life that doesn’t involve Christmas decorations. It seems like I’ve been putting them up for months! This year I’ve vowed to do it right and really organize them and put them in good, plastic storage bins. This is what I have so far.



There are still the trees and I keep finding things here and there. Plus, there are these odds and ends that don’t seem to fit anywhere else.



Well, the stocking stack has a home somewhere. Haven’t located that box, yet. And there’s a stack of paper stuff that has an unlocated box. And I didn’t take a picture of the dishes and things. And there’s still a lot of stuff outside to go through.

So. Don’t you wish your life was as exciting as mine? I don’t know how I can stand much more excitement!


2 thoughts on “Is Christmas over yet?

  1. What a joyfully visual post. This is the part of holiday decorating that always drives me a little crazy. Such delightful chaos. Have a wonderufl day. Sea Witch

  2. I adore those little valentines! How precious!

    I have my stack of Christmas bins, all new and unscratched, sitting in the barn waiting to be lifted to the loft for another year. I insisted on plastic bins as when I brought down one of my old cardboard red and green checked bins with cut out handles on the side, I was very disappointed that the mice got in there and chewed up a bunch of my favorite ornaments! Little punks! So plastic sealed containers it is. I love that the are clear and I can see what’s in there too.

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