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Lavender Custom Paint Mix For General Finishes Milk Paint

Lavender jewelry box

Lavender wasn’t in my color choices until recent years. I believe there was some kind of association with the color when I was a child. Maybe my mother didn’t like it. Maybe a kid who smelled wore it. Who knows? But it stuck. Now? I not only like it, I’m kinda loving it. It’s so calming and romantic.

As promised, I wanted to give the exact ratio of paint colors for the pretty lavender custom paint mix on this jewelry box.

Color mix ratio for lavender with General Finishes Milk Paint


I used General Finishes Milk Paint in Seagull Gray and Royal Purple.


8 parts Seagull Gray

1 part Royal Purple


You might have to play just a little. Different monitors will show the color slightly differently and, depending on how you measure it out, it probably won’t be exact anyway. With my first testing of colors, I used a teaspoon and a 1/8 teaspoon. Dipping a teaspoon in a can of paint is far from exact. You’ll have paint dripping off the bottom and not all comes out of the bowl of the spoon. So when I mixed the “for real” batch, using measuring cups, I kept having to add more purple. I still can’t figure out where I went wrong, but suspect I had my ratio wrong. Like the numbers didn’t convert in my head the way they were supposed to. That is logical considering my brain puts up a fight when numbers try to enter and it strongly resists manipulating the ones that do get in. Not to mention refusing to remember any of them. Anyway, the 8:1 is a fine place to start.

I’m enjoying experimenting with paint colors and hope to have more for you in the future — presented in a more professional way. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Lavender Custom Paint Mix For General Finishes Milk Paint

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