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New items added to our booth at Angels in Opelika AL

Baby Head Cookie Jar Lid

Here are some just added items to the booth (D-26) at Angels in Opelika AL. You might have seen the video in a previous post. Some things have sold since then. One thing I didn’t feature in the video was a round, 3 tiered table that was a bit of an eyesore. It, in and of itself wasn’t, but it didn’t fit in my booth. It fit quite well in the shop when we had big rooms, but not so much in a smaller booth. I really needed to sell it. And it did.

Now filling the empty space it left is this small, relatively speaking, table.

Work table in seagull gray and blue

It’s the perfect size for a kitchen island work table. It’s painted in General Finishes Seagull Gray, distressed to reveal… um…. I believe it was Federal Blue? Hubby made and painted it. He told me the blue he used, but I, of course, forgot.

I decided to put blue things atop it. And I just recently ran across the baby head cookie jar lid! It’s one of my favorite things and had been packed away. It’s one of those things I hope someone else loves enough to buy and hope they don’t. Know what I mean? If you resell, I bet you do.

Baby Head Cookie Jar Lid

I also took some lavender items.


The jewelry box color is a custom mix of General Finishes Milk Paint Seagull Gray and Royal Purple. I’ll give you the formula in a future post.

I did take a few other things and did a little bit of rearranging, but these are the only photos I took.

If you’re in the area, Angel’s is a great place to visit! Why not stop by this weekend?


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