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A few finds from a country estate sale

Tiffany joined me on the hunt last weekend. We took her SUV in hopes of filling it up. The estate sale was in an itty bitty town, a million miles from Nowhere. Only 20 from me, but we’re Little Nowhere. Being in a depressed area, you’d think there would be some bargains, but they had someone from Birmingham come and price the furniture and “good stuff” for them. I walked in and wasted a precious minute looking at and shaking a $5 table. It was very small, about 10″ x 15″ by 24″ tall, and wobbly, so I decided to spend my $5 on something else. Later when I walked back by I saw that I’d misread the price. It was $65.00!! Obviously, with those prices, I only picked up a few little things.

The turkeys and little orange candlesticks came from that sale, the grate came from another “garage sale” that was really a store.

Big ol’, monster pottery insulator, still covered in dirt, that we pulled out from a pile of flowerpots out back. It has some serious chips, spoiling any market value as an insulator it might have had. I don’t know if people are looking for those like that or not. Doesn’t matter. We like it for what it can be, not for what it is.

I was really happy to find this little aquarium. I’ve been looking for one ever since seeing a picture on someone’s blog in January of 2009 – the date I printed out the picture, not necessarily the date they posted it. But now I can’t find the blog so I can give this person credit! I don’t remember who it was and it’s driving me nuts! She had moss in the bottom, an open book in back, a clock face in front of that and a little bust front and center. It was all topped with a light. Beautiful arrangement. If you know whose blog that was, would you please let me know? I’d love to link back to it.

We thought it might be a good idea to look under the bigger-than-a-crawl-space-but-smaller-than-a-basement area. The lady was adamant about not letting anyone go under the house. It was too dangerous. Ha! We tried to assure her that we’d seen worse. Much worse, but she wasn’t budging. Besides, she just didn’t think anyone would want any of that stuff under there. I pointed to this and said I’d like to buy it, so she went in and pulled it out for me.

It’s about 3-1/2′ tall and perfectly chippy.

There were also some wall cabinets, but not being allowed to go in, I could only guess I wanted them. She told us we’d have to wait on her brother to get there and drag them out. They called me late that afternoon to say they’d got them out and how much they wanted. We dickered a little, me totally not knowing exactly what they looked liked, agreed on a price and they held them for me until the next morning. They were through for the day already, anyway. Here’s what I got:

A pair of these. Over 5′ high and a good 3-1/2′ wide. Glass doors and glass knobs. Chippy white. They need some work before going to the shop. I wish I could keep them, but I have no place. Erin hinted strongly that she has an empty kitchen area wall, but…. well… I suppose if no one wants them after a good long while, they’ll be hers.

What did Tiffany get? The only thing I remember was some turkeys, different from mine, that I liked better than mine, and some skeleton keys that I was totally jealous of.

5 thoughts on “A few finds from a country estate sale

  1. WOW~ I LOVE those wall cabinets -there’s a whole market for salvage kitchen cabinets –

  2. Love the aquarium, I might have to try that idea …… sounds so cute, and different!
    Also love the wall cabinet, beautiful!


  3. gah! *I* want to go hunting with you! Though we’d kill one another over stuff cuz we have like the exact same eye. I want the turkeys. I DIE for the chippy white stand from the crawl-space…and LOVE the glass-front wall cabinets.

  4. The aquarium idea might be Theresa’s at Garden Antqs Vintage. The TX girls do a lot of aquarium vignettes. I’ve been looking for one too!

  5. This is why I could never be a picker — I can’t imagine crawling under someone’s home. You know, all the spiders and other creepy things. But those cabinets do look like they would have been worthy of the crawl.

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