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Last of the pantry room pictures

OK. I’m bored with the little pantry room. Ready to move on. So this is the last pictures of it. Unless there’s an overall picture later.

My friend Melanie bought this for me years ago. Who would’a ever thunk it that there was a household oil named Wanda?

A wire basket full of old cookbook pamphlets and a Thursday hand towel that was part of a Christmas gift from my friend Tiffany. Or was that a birthday gift? Doesn’t matter. But don’t I have fun friends?

So this has stopped being the shelves. This is on the counter. Les’see. Story here? Ummm… The silver… came from… uh…. I don’t remember. Either an auction or it might have been in a box under some tables that the rest of the crowd hadn’t discovered.

No story here, either.

Stack of dog bowls. We have a cat, not a dog. But we have 3 granddogs!

Ah! Now here’s a story! These little guys are the tops to bar tools. Bottle openers and corkscrews. I just love ’em! They’re usually souvenir type things that come in a little stand. The ones I have are from Florida. I put the stands in a drawer and the heads in a tiny flowerpot.

And the last picture, three egg cups and a Hansel and Gretal weather thing. As you can see, the witch is inside. No rain in sight.


Coming up — A project involving a lamp base. Fun times!

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