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I went, I saw, I came home

I just couldn’t decide whether or not to go the sales on Saturday. Friday had produced this rodeo, ceiling light shade:


Vintage Rodeo Ceiling Shade

And not much else.

it was raining Saturday morning, but there were 8 estate sales in Birmingham, 6 on one side of town. I really wanted to go to the 6, but didn’t really have the money, plus I knew it’d be raining all morning and did I really want to go, or not……. Naturally, the want-to-go feeling won, so….I went.

First sale – A true estate sale, sort of. Not much junky stuff. Not a whole lot of stuff period. Bought a brass plate stand for a dollar.

Sale #2 – A true estate sale, sort of. The lady had died, but not before she sold all her junk and moved into a town home. The first thing I saw as I walked up was a table overloaded with paperback books
and a sign that said, “Paperback books – $3.00 each”. So I trudged on, past all the new and very uninteresting Christmas ornaments to find a house with 500 pairs of shoes, 250 Sunday Go To Meeting hats, the kind with sequins and big plumes, and 1000 dresses. And some of her “best”
nick nacks, most pretty new. I don’t think anything was more than 10 years old. It was like she started her whole life over when she moved into that house. Maybe she’d had a fire.

#3 – A moving/estate sale. You never know about these. They could be Grandmama moving into a retirement or nursing home. But not this time. A couple in their 40s were moving to Tennessee. Nothing bought there, either.

#4 – This one could have been the jackpot if I’d gone there first. Upstairs was priced high, but the basement was a garbage digger’s paradise. I literally had to kick my way through. Too bad it was
because a hundred other people had pulled out boxes and bags, grabbed the fun stuff and strewn the remains all over the floor. I did get an old overnight case, some old Valentine cards and an old Mother’s Day card, a concrete frog and… something else? Can’t remember, but it all cost $10. Oh, an interesting, wooden candlestick. I got a stapler there too, but I can’t find it. Didn’t look at the books. This seller always
prices hardbacks $5.00 each. I think he’s got a deal with a book dealer. Price ’em high so nobody will buy any then the book dealer can get the whole lot cheap on Sunday. I have no idea, but I can’t think
of any other reason he’s higher than all other estate sale handlers on books.

Vintage Suitcase



#5 – Another moving/estate sale where the couple was in their early 40s, if that, and were moving. Just a few things in the basement. Sigh. But I got a cool green and white stripe hat box, a Halloween
mask I think I can decorate with at the shop, a berry garland and a pink rose paper machiet….papier… machet… how ever you spell it…. plate.

Dana Marte Hat Box

#6 – An estate, but only in the basement. Got a silk tablecloth and napkin set, something else I can’t remember and a book on training Tennessee Walking Horses. *That* was the best thing I bought on Saturday. Near as I can tell it was the -only- thing worth buying. Someone is trying to get $150 for it in their eBay store.


We’ve got to head to Georgia for a funeral. Got to close up shop, go home and pack as we’re spending the night. Talk to y’all later!

4 thoughts on “I went, I saw, I came home

  1. Love the estate sale diary. Been there done that! When are people going to realize ESTATE your dead!!!


  2. Wonderful treasures…when you did find them!!! I love the hat box and cards!!!


  3. Is the Grimm’s Fairy Tale Book for sale, please let me know, email me at [email protected]



  4. The ceiling light is fab!!! I would create a rodeo room, just to have a place for that shade.

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