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Gosh, how boring I am

There is absolutely nothing going on around here! School started back, but my kids are grown. People have been staying in because it’s still pretty hot, although a “cold” front is coming through. The cooler weather – or just a change in the weather – might bring out customers, but it’s raining. That means I get to work on the computer while no one’s stopping by. But it might also make me feel compelled to work Thursday to make up for slow times earlier in the week.

This past weekend was open weekend, so I only went to a few local sales. I bought a 25¢ plate stand. Woohoo. However, I never did get around to sharing the finds of the weeks before, so here they are.

My meager findings:

Birds In Basket

Vintage Booster Seat

Small MCM Table

Erin’s contributions (much better than mine):

Center Table


Cardinals Print


White Bench

She painted and distressed the bench. And yes, I give away magazines in the shop! How often do you find shop owners that generous? LOL 




That’s all I’ve got today. Time to edit some pictures.

See ya!

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