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A Thank You To Our Family Veterans


Just a quiet, but sincere thank you to the all our veterans out there. I went through the family photo albums to find pictures of some of our family members in uniform. This is by no means all the veteran family members. There are so many more I do not have a picture of in their uniform.


Ricky Craft. My husband. He was in the National Guard, but is still technically considered a Vietnam Vet. 

Leck Horton

My dad, John (Leck) Horton. Don’t know who his buddy is.  I couldn’t find a picture of just Daddy. WWII

Henry Craft

Henry Craft. Ricky’s father. WWII


Frank Horton

Frank Horton. My dad’s brother. Purple Heart. WWII


William Thomas Horton, Jr.

William Thomas Horton, Jr. My grandfather. WWI

R.D. Norred

R.D. (Sonny) Norred. My 1st cousin once removed. WWII

Alonza Royal

Alonza Royal. My first cousin once removed. WWII

Ed Royal

Ed Royal. Brother to Alonza. WWII

"Cotton" Royal

Herbert “Cotton” Royal. Another first cousin once removed. WWII

Wilbur Royal

Wilbur Royal. Brother to Cotton, above. WWII

Leon Hurt

Leon Hurt. My first cousin once removed. WWII

Roland Hammett

Roland Hammett. My first cousin once removed. WWII

Talmage Royal

Talmage Royal. My grand uncle. WWI. Lost at sea.

Bennie Norred

Bennie Norred. My first, great, grand uncle. WWI

Leck Horton - Veteran's Day parade

And here’s Daddy in today’s Veteran’s Day parade.


3 thoughts on “A Thank You To Our Family Veterans

  1. Love these photos Wanda – thanks so much for sharing. I am so humbled by their Service to our Country and so very appreciative.

  2. Thank you Wanda! Wonderful family photos and so much to be proud of.

  3. What a wonderful gift for your family to have all these precious pictures in one place. Thank you, to all our Veterans.

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