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Guess where I am!

OK. I’m not telling yet. I’m going to try to post pictures through the week as hints. I thought about, although really too late to do it right, to have a contest. The first person to guess where I am from the pictures would win whatever I could find to bring back, but too many people already know and it wouldn’t be fair to have to exclude them. So I’ll have to think up something when I get back.

We left Saturday morning about 5 am. By the time we’d got to the airport, I’d knocked the crap out of my knee getting into the car, spilled coke all over me and got car sick enough that I almost threw up.

Made my first plane trip since I was 7 years old. Got off the plane and fell down on all fours. No, not in gratitude to be on land. I sorta stepped off a little hump in the ramp thingy. Had a heavy tote bag making me more off balance and went down. Everybody watching. I heard the chorus of “oh’s” and saw the surge out of the corner of my eye, but jumped up like an Olympic gymnast. Laughed and made fun of myself. Hey, you learn to do that when you’re prone to trip. We picked up our luggage except for one bag. It was GONE. How could it go missing over a 2 hour trip? I think someone else got it by mistake and thankfully it was turned in and my name was called over the loud speaker.

This is just a quick post. We’re having a blast! About to go to Wal-Mart. LOL

View from plane

Inside Plane

In the air

Hotel Bed

Resort Tub

Resort Room Seating







This next picture is from the sliding doors in our room. Our own semi-private pool! Shared with just a few neighbors.

Room Side Pool


We don’t have interenet in our room, unfortunately. I have to come to the lobby, so I don’t know how often I’ll get to do updates.



3 thoughts on “Guess where I am!

  1. ooh ahhh…looks WUNNERFUL WUNNERFUL!

  2. Sorry about the fall and not feeling good. It sounds
    like you are a trooper. So glad you got your luggage back

    Where ever you are looks relaxing and beautiful.

    Have fun!

  3. A trip wouldn’t be a trip without a fall…you’re a tough cookie, I always knew that. Now, just concentrate on having a good time in ….oh let me see…Cancun?

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