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I waited all week for this???

Here’s a piece of yard sale advice. You know how I like to give yard sale advice. Right? So, here it is:

If you’re going to have a sale, do it as soon after winter as weather permits. People, like me, are so desperate they’ll come out in droves. They, like me, are so hungry they’ll buy ANYTHING.

Case in point. There weren’t many choices this past weekend. I have to go out of town to find anything. And with gas prices, I’m very careful where I go. My choices were a sale on Friday where the lady had lived in the same spot for 60 years. Sounds good, but publicly advertised. (But the one I should have gone to.) Or Saturday to an invitation only sale by a company whose sales I always like. The Friday sale was in Birmingham where there were a few other yard sales going on. The Saturday sale was the other direction and I knew of nothing else going on. But this is what it said:


The sale is in an old building where two men worked on vintage cars and other projects.  The building was also used for storage of inherited items, old office items, etc.
Included in the sale are the following vehicles on which we will be taking silent bids:
1956 BMW Isetta
1947(?) Dodge Coup
1951 Dodge 3/4 ton 5-window truck
1997 Dodge camper van
Yamaha Zuma II scooter

This sale is loaded with tools and equipment.  Included are Atlas Precision lathe, Atlas milling machine, floor jack, chain hoists, air compressor, motor stand, concrete mixer, drill press, welders, shop vacs, hundreds of small hand tools and useful items.
There is also glassware (“American” by Fostoria), crocks, rock collection, prints & old photos, drop leaf tables, wooden storage cabinets, IBM punch machine, lighted draftsman table, file cabinets, art / craft supplies, collectibles.
The building is a workshop so dress to get dirty.

Now, what was it that attracted me to this one? It was a man’s sale. I might get dirty. Maybe there would be some chippy, rusty, interesting things the men attending would think was trash. And there were old photos, arts and crafts supplies, collectibles…

I traveled 70 miles in the rain, got there at 12 to put my name on the list to get a number at 1 and waited til the sale opened at 2. I was number 14 out of 120 or more. Erin (my daughter if you’re new to the blog) met me there. We shopped so hard. The tools and man stuff were all too “good” for us, so we headed to the rooms where the girly things were. They were so small and crowded, there was no survey of the room and choose your hit. No, you squeezed in line and shopped whatever was directly in front of you. So, what did we get?



Covered bridge picture, star molds to play with next Christmas, class record book, Illinois Tool notebook and a Prier key thingy. (Don’t ask. I have no idea, but I liked the way it looked.)



Decorative tiles. I have no idea why I picked these up other than they were in front of me.



Stack of four 4″ plates. This stack cost me $4. More than I’d normally pay for dishes like these, but remember what I said about being desperate? Not only did I pay $4 for 4 small plates, I paid $4 for 4 small, CHIPPED plates! How in the world did I miss the word “chip” on the price tag?



And why didn’t I run my fingers around the edge like I always do? These weren’t tiny nicks on the back. They were big ‘uns.



But it does start to get a bit better from here on out. I did show the worst first.



White ironstone platter that I paid a few dollars more than I normally would.



6 interesting wheels. Huh? There’s only 5 you say? Oh. Yeah. I found the 6th one in the bottom of the bag after taking this picture.



Clock parts. All these hands plus a lot of ring and washer things.



These small jacks thinking without the center pole thing they’d make a good base for something. Like a lamp maybe?



And finally, these drawers:



They were in a homemade work table. The table was pretty awful, but the price was for everything, so I was taking the table, too. Until we saw it was going to hang off the end of the truck. All I wanted was the drawers, so we took the drawers out and left the table.


Sigh. Hope next weekend is better.


7 thoughts on “I waited all week for this???

  1. Win some, lose some? I’d still take the plates, being a mosaicist and all! Wink, wink!


  2. I know what you are talking about … I can’t wait to get out & start looking for all those Treasures! Reading your post made me Laugh Oout Loud because it sounded just like something I would do! Glad to know I’m not alone! Happy hunting & stop in my blog sometime too. Glad I found you! 🙂

  3. love the platter, i’ve been collecting ironstone. i know what you mean i’ve been dying to get out in the sunshine and buy some junk! have a super day!! susan

  4. I’m laughing right now at the vision of you leaving the table behind-too funny. You found some wonderful old goodies, love it all. Those jacks are perfect for a lamp and I’m loving those wheels. It’s all good. I would have gone miles out of my way for that sale too.

  5. Love the drawers…Have to say, that I am glad that I did not accept the offer…”Queenie” would have been a little bit “crankier”! LOL But you did come away with more that you had first described…The iron stone is cool and you know how I feel about wheels! It will get better my dear friend. Keep Junkin’ Tiff

  6. I would have bought the plates too! SO pretty and sweet.

  7. Rats! I thought it would be better than that, too!

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