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Latest Booth Additions – Booth Staging Ideas

Booth arrangement featuring a hand made kitchen island

I’m so happy that our daughter, Erin and her friend, Kayla have joined their booth with mine! I tend to get stuck with staging, but three people can really come up with some good ideas. So here are the latest additions and staging. (Yet again, they were turning off the lights as we were finishing up. The pictures were snapped in a hurry and show it. Sorry.) Reminder of the location — Angel’s Antique Mall in Opelika, AL.

First up, a kitchen island Ricky built. This is absolutely gorgeous. I do so wish my kitchen was large enough for one like it. It’s painted in General Finishes Milk Paint, Antique White with a dark wax and Dark Chocolate on top.

The business side:
Kitchen Island

The eating side:
Kitchen Island

The side:


Old, drop leaf table painted in General Finishes Milk Paint. Antique White on bottom, Dark Chocolate on top.



Vases, antlers and child size ladder back chair.


Patriotic display and fabulous, concrete planters.


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