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Sunday afternoon chat #3


We had real company today, so the chat is late. Granddaughter Dani is here and my dad came to visit. It’s wonderful to see great granddaughter and great grandfather together. He’s her only great left living. I never knew any of my great grandparents. They all passed away before I was born. The last one only months before. My children only knew one of theirs.

We accomplished one house thing this week when we hung the chalkboard door. I feel so accomplished! Poor Ricky, though. That was a difficult hang. Thank goodness he’s perfectly capable and can figure out the hard things. And can handle the heavy things. But that day he had already spilled a gallon of poly on the shop floor, came home to me asking pretty please would he hang the door, then an hour later to the, by now grating, sound of my voice saying there’s a puddle of water coming out from under the refrigerator. God bless him. And the only time he got a little fussy was hanging the door. He couldn’t “hold it and mark it at the same time!” Then, “Is it where you want it?” “I don’t know. I can’t see. You’re in the way. Move to the right….. That’s the wrong way. The other right. Move it over just a little. That was too much. Up about an inch. Up. Not down.” Chances are you’ve heard participated in similar conversations before. We do every single time we hang something together.

Chalkboard from an old door with the glass broken out of the top.

Yesterday we took another table and benches to Angel’s. While I was in the booth I overheard a customer conversation in a nearby booth. They were reading a sign in the booth that said, “We do chippy/shabby.” The customer said, “‘We do chippy/shabby’. Haha. What does that mean?” There was some mumbling that sounded like her friend didn’t get it either. I’m constantly amazed at the people who have probably never even looked at Pinterest. And, it’s not like chippy/shabby is new. But we all have different interests. I’m certain they know all about something that they think is common knowledge that I don’t have a clue about. Like football or something.

After we did the run-in-quick-and-drop-off-the-table thing, we took off with daughter Erin and granddaughter Dani to Auburn’s A-Day football game. Dani’s daddy is an Alabama fan (Me too, actually.) and stayed home to do yard work. Dani wouldn’t cooperate for a picture in the stadium, so these were made outside.


We brought her home with us and she’ll get to miss daycare tomorrow. Then we have to get back to work.


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3 thoughts on “Sunday afternoon chat #3

  1. The chalkboard door is adorable! Kudos to Ricky!

    xoxo Bettye

  2. Oh yes, we have had similar conversations! Can’t believe there’s actually somebody in the world who hasn’t heard of “chippy/shabby.” And yes, I’m like you too….I know nothing about football! Thought it was just me…

    1. I’m still shaking my head over the chippy/shabby comment. I’m sure they wondered why anyone would want that junk, too. But those are the people I like to buy from! 😀

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