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How To Make These Farmhouse Clothespins

Decorated Clothes Pegs Farmhouse Style

I did a thing! I decorated these clothespegs and strapped a camera on my head while doing the last one so I could share with you how to do it. They are great with white ironstone, farmhouse decor or primitive decor. And sooooo quick and easy to do!

All you need is

  • Some clothes pegs – mine came from yard sales, but you can get a bag at any craft store or stores that sell crafts
    And here that is on Amazon
  • A black stamp pad – My preference is StazOn
    And find this on Amazon
  • Stamps – Use numbers or letters or even words. Whatever floats yer boat
    They’re on Amazon too, but good grief! So many choices!
  • A pipe cleaner
  • Rubber gloves

The video is only 3 or 4 minutes long and that’s start to finish one clothes peg. It’s that quick.


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The Latest Vintage and Not So Vintage Haul

Vintage Haul

It was a fun junkin’ weekend at our favorite church sale! We wait for that one all year, line up at the door, then shop, shop, shop. When we leave, we always feel like we’re leaving some unturned stones. Here’s what I bought from that sale as well as a couple of others.

We’re trying to teach my granddaughter to take videos of her mom and me while we’re at the sales, so we can have some “thrift with me” videos. I can’t figure out how people do that. There are plenty of YouTube videos where people film shopping at yard sales and thrift stores, but I’m a little too shy to walk up to a yard sale with my phone recording everything. A thrift store, maybe, but not when the people having the yard sale are staring at you. Ya know? If you know of a not so obvious way or just how other people do it, PLEASE let me know!

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Fall Arrangement For the Booth – All Decked Out!

The booth has a totally, completely different and fresh look, both the fall arrangement as well as in general. During the shut-down, when the mall was closed and there was no pressure to think about it – why things weren’t selling, why I wasn’t happy with the look, etc. – I had an epiphany. It suddenly felt like I should take out all that stuff that had worn out its welcome a long time ago, take out most of the color and do whites, neutrals and the farmhouse look as best I understand it. So I did. In July.

And July turned out to be a very good month for sales. I was convinced that was the correct thing to do. The booth would finally be a hit. Or at least more pleasing to see and perhaps draw more people in. Also, it complements some of the other booths around it, as in, the people who like those should enjoy mine. A lot of things sold, which left August a bit sparse. And sales tanked. I still think things are on the right track. I just need to get more of the right stuff in there. (But isn’t that always the case?) Anyway, here is the booth decked out for fall. The china in the center back has already sold as well as some other, smaller things.