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Pictures Of the Booth Decorated For Fall

Halloween table in the booth 2017

Finally, the booth is decorated for fall! Such as it is. The booth has been so neglected. There just haven’t been big blocks of time to fix that, Ricky hasn’t had a chance to build any new furniture, and sales have definitely suffered. I was also sharing a booth with a friend at a mall near here and had neglected my part there, too, so I gave that up, changed the price tags, gathered up fall and Halloween things, a couple of crummy bookcases, three pieces of furniture from my Dad’s and planned to spend a day at Angel’s. (Angel’s in Opelika, Alabama) Continue reading Pictures Of the Booth Decorated For Fall

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The Latest Antique Booth Pictures

I haven’t done a video of the booth in a long time, so decided to make one this week. I have to say, it’s not very inspiring. Sorta bare. Not as full as it should be. No drapey gauze, no ambient lighting, no banners, but it’s certainly not the worst in the mall either. 

We’re sitting on several pieces of furniture awaiting Ricky’s magic touch. But until then……

Ricky goes back to the square leg table and benches when he wants to do this finish. 

Speaking of tables and benches, I was looking at at houses in the general area of the mall and spotted one of his creations in a house! How fun!

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Filling Up the Booth

Table with stenciled doilies

With a possible move in our future, I’ve decided to focus on putting things in the booth rather than some online and some in the booth. I need to move it out of the house. And it’s a lot quicker to put 30 items in the booth than it is to take pictures and write descriptions on those same 30 things. So…. unless I know it won’t sell in the booth or if it has several parts to potentially get lost in a mall, it’s going to the booth. Even still, I’m slow. But I did get a good start yesterday. The booth had been sorely neglected because of life circumstances and was very close to empty. It’s almost like filling it up from scratch! Continue reading Filling Up the Booth