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Decorated Sun Sweet Bottle – As Seen On Pinterest – Decorated Bottle Ideas

Sunsweet Bottle With Graphic Fairy Label

Ah, yes. I was a copycat again. When I saw this project, I fell hopelessly in love.

It was seen on Pinterest, from the Mod Podge site by their guest poster, the very talented Mitzi, of Mitzi’s Miscellany. She showed how to Mod Podge labels onto bottles. She creates her own labels, but for this particular project used the round Sigaut label from The Graphic Fairy.

I saw the picture on Pinterest, thought to myself, “I have that same bottle!” and couldn’t rest until I did one of my own.

Sunsweet Bottle With Graphic Fairy Label

I’m sure there’s not much need to go through the process for most of you, but for the first timers, here’s what I did.

  • Find a label of your choice from The Graphics Fairy blog. They’re free and absolutely wonderful. I tried not to copy exactly, but this label fit this bottle so well that I just couldn’t see anything else working.
  • Download the image to your computer, and edit to the size you need. I use Photoscape, a free program. Yeah, I’m all about free. When you save the graphic, make sure you save it to 100% jpg quality. I like to print in high quality and intensity, too.
  • Cut out your label. Now, here’s your chance to play with your Silhouette Cameo if you have one. I used mine to cut out the circle, but doggone it. I didn’t have it centered quite right and cut off part of the border. Of course, if you weren’t intimately familiar with the label, you’d never realize I had to cut the border off all the way around, but just so you don’t think I’m perfect (giggle-snort-cough) I’m telling you about my boo-boo.
  • I then used Distress Ink, and dabbed over the label to keep it from looking so new. While I had the ink out, I went ahead and dabbed the length of seam binding, too.
  • Next, apply Mod Podge to the back of the label, making sure to get all the edges. Place it on the bottle and let it dry. (Note – Some people like to Mod Podge over the label, but I figure labels in real life aren’t, so I didn’t do it to mine.)
  • All that’s left is to wrap your ribbon around the neck, tie a bow and embellish if you’d like.

Sunsweet Bottle With Graphic Fairy Label

See the little pin?

My bottle didn’t have a lid and I’d seen someone else use rolled up corrugated cardboard as a cork. — I sure do wish I could remember who it was so she could get credit for that idea. Here’s a picture of the bottle without the cardboard in the neck. It would make such a pretty vase.

Sunsweet Bottle With Graphic Fairy Label

This was really a fun and easy project. And for once, I’m really happy with the result!



4 thoughts on “Decorated Sun Sweet Bottle – As Seen On Pinterest – Decorated Bottle Ideas

  1. Hi, just dropped in to thankyou for the lovely comment you left on my blog. I can’t email you back as you have a ‘no reply comment’ setting.

    Grand babies are indeed gorgeous and very very exciting. Neve is our first and lives along way away, so we won’t get to see her very often, but they are coming to visit at Christmas! x

  2. Hi Wanda! Thanks so much for stopping by girlfriend!…..Yeah you aren’t fooling me…I know you’re perfect *winks* The bottle turned out adorable! I definitely want to try it. I just happen to have some old cork toppers hanging around and this would be a perfect way to use them. I’ll be checking out the photoscape because I’m all about the free too! I hope all is well with you and you’re selling a ton-o-goods!*winks* Vanna

  3. What a gorgeous bottle and the label is perfect for it. I have a new addiction with putting labels on everything:-)

  4. Your bottle project turned out great! I love The Graphics Fairy….what a great resource!

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