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Etsy Sales for June 2018

June 2018 Etsy sales report

I haven’t had an Etsy sales report in awhile — mainly because they’ve been so pitiful. June was no exception. Reasons? 

  1. My stock is lower than it’s been in years
  2. It’s summer and people are doing other things than buying stuff online
  3. It’s summer and I’ve been doing other things than putting stuff online

I’m enjoying decorating the house (finally got a bit of vision of what I want to do with it) and being at the beck and call of a 5-year-old granddaughter who is hanging out with us for the summer. Taking pictures and writing descriptions just aren’t on the list of things I want to do right now.

So this post is short and sweet. Nine items sold for a total of $123.00. Hey! That was $123 more than I had! And with no recent effort (like in the last several months) on my part, I won’t complain.

Here they are:

Vintage dress pattern, McCall's 2316

Vintage McCall’s 6315

Vintage patterns will be a staple in my shop. They continue to do well for me, especially considering I don’t have that many up for sale, and I have a lot waiting to be listed. They may take awhile to sell, this one had been listed a couple of years, but they will sell.

6" Tupperware doily with tab attached

Single 6″ Tupperware Doily
(I’m playing with the price and experimenting with free shipping, so if you click on the link, the price might not be the same.)

And in the same order: Pack of 6″ Tupperware Doilies

I got a bunch of these never used, Tupperware doilies at the end of one of our estate sales. No one else saw the value in them and they had no takers. I figured they were odd enough to sell and I was right. One or two, or a pack, will sell every now and then. Super easy to ship, too. I still have a few singles left as of this writing. (I’m gonna miss our sales! Already do.)

Home sewn, fall colors, lace up, maxi skirt

Hand-sewn, fall colors, vintage, maxi skirt

Another item left over at one of our estate sales. Nobody around there, the town we moved from, does vintage clothes. I was pretty much the only person in town interested in them. Lucky for me! I think things are different here.

Art Deco Bridge Tallies

1 Art Deco Advertising Bridge Tally

I found a bunch of these Art Deco style bridge tallies at an estate sale. They advertise a Birmingham, Alabama company. I’ve been selling them one at a time and still have a few left.

Tiny leaf and flower shaped cup and saucer made in Japan

Tiny, leaf and flower cup and saucer, made in Japan

This was the sweetest, little cup and saucer. Too small to be demitasse and too big to be miniature. It was just a pretty, little cup and saucer shaped like a leaf and a flower. I was surprised that it took longer to sell than I had anticipated.

Vogue designer pattern, 1202

Who would’a thought that the highest sale price of the month would be a pattern? 

2 vintage, Christmas macrame instruction books

2 vintage Christmas macrame books

Keep those Christmas things listed throughout the year, especially the “how-tos.”

Maxi-letters, long, mod, stationery

2 Packs of Maxi-Letters, long, mod, stationery

This stationery was about 17″ long! I had them in two separate listings. The buyer wanted them both and we were talking back and forth about the shipping, trying to figure out the cheapest way to ship them. Success was achieved there and I had the bright idea to just combine the listings into one to save her from having to go to two different listings to get them both. All went well — except I forgot to add the price of the second pack in the combined listing. They were supposed to be $14.00 each for a total of $28.00. Neither of us mentioned my goof. We just politely ignored it. Sigh.

That’s it. That’s all that my Etsy sales for the month of June.  I probably won’t get much into listing again until school starts. 

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June 2018 Etsy sales report


Since we’re talking about Etsy, I want to make a quick mention of their new fee changes for sellers. They’ve gone the way of eBay and now charge us a percentage of not only the selling price but the shipping cost as well. That was one of the things that cemented my dislike dismay with eBay. It’s something that makes me want to work harder at selling on my own site. Right here. I have it started but haven’t pushed to get the stock up or to reach buyers.

If you sell on Etsy, are you going to simply continue with business as usual (Because, all things considered, they are still an extremely good bargain.) or are you thinking about your own site? I know a lot of people love Shopify. I’ve heard great things — It’s easy to set up and they have excellent support – but I think, for me if I’ve got to drive my own stream of buyers to my shop, I’d rather drive them to my blog. If they don’t buy something from me directly, they might click on an affiliate link or a Google Ad on another page. Shopify is technically off-site. A visit to your Shopify store does not count on your site page views. At least as far as I know. However, the best thing about Shopify, in my opinion, is buyable pins. People can buy your pink gee haw right off Pinterest. That could be worth the price right there. You can check out Shopify through my affiliate link: Shopify

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