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Are you wearin’ the green?

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

So, are ya? A wearin’ thuh green? I am. Wonder what my English, Scottish and German ancestors are thinking? Maybe they’re OK with it since the sweater does have pills under the arms and is a little too snug and too short to cover the tummy. Top that with a very bad hair day. Yeah, I look real good today. I kinda hope no one comes in. Now, that’s not good!

Here’s the last of the big load I got a couple of weeks ago.

Euro shams, smell good sachets, note cards and the flowers were all donated to the thrift store by the little gift shop that was going out of business. The basket came from my friend’s. I love the little card that says, “Faith Makes Dreams True”. I could preach on that one.


I went to one estate sale this weekend where my GPS steered me wrong for the first time ever. Often, I argue with her, but she’s always right. This time I didn’t argue. I trusted completely. After all, I had no idea where I was. She told me to turn left. I did. She said I’d arrived at my destination. The road dead ended and I did NOT arrive at my destination. My destination was nowhere to be found on that part of the street.  She should have told me to turn right! Ha! She doesn’t know everything.

That sale was being handled by the family who seemed to think they had a lot of stuff. Oh, such… OK. Ignorance. They had no idea what a crappy sale they had. It was in about 3/4 of a basement. Looked like they’d probably thrown away the good stuff and kept their idea of  “the good stuff” to sell. But here’s what I found so interesting. The conversation among themselves:

First guy: People started coming at 6:30 this morning!

Lady: Oh, that was the dealers. And they walked in and walked out. (She sounded inexplicably smug when she said this.) And that one guy kept muttering something about buying stuff for a quarter.

Then the same lady, or maybe it was someone else, started talking about “The Cheapskate Lady”. By this time I’d found some candles I was interested in, but weren’t priced. I was scared to ask how much. Didn’t want to be the second Cheapskate Lady of the day. I thanked them for letting me look – Why do we do that? – and left empty handed.

These next two pictures are the findings from all the sales attended this past weekend. Not so much to look at, but a couple of things should sell well on eBay.

The dark thing in front is an antique photo album in such good condition I wondered if it had been recovered. I was pretty excited, but what’s happened while I wasn’t looking? These things used to sell for big bucks. Back when I could never find any that weren’t in tatters and even those were few and far between. Now I finally find a good one and they don’t sell for much any more. Oh, well. The crocheted thing holds napkins. Goofy, but I had to get it. The cake server has such a pretty pattern. The box was interesting, but the little book inside is a devotional. I really liked it because of the tiny locks of hair pressed inside. All those things are shop things. The wooden spoons might sell on eBay. They’re there, but whether they actually sell remains to be seen. The two books are city and county history books that should sell well.

And how about some crazy belts? Sticking my big toe in the vintage belt waters. They came from an estate. The deceased didn’t seem particularly young. She must have been a hoot! I mean, look at that one on the right with the grommets, studs and the zipper! I would liked to have met her.

3 thoughts on “Are you wearin’ the green?

  1. I am so proud of you for not asking how much prices were and walking out with NOTHING. When will people ever learn to do a sale?? Don’t talk about your customers and PRICE things! Drives me crazy.

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