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What do you call these candles?

What a weekend! There wasn’t much going on Friday in the way of sales, and since I have so much still waiting to be photographed and put out for sale, I slept in. But Saturday was a different story. Ricky and I both were going to a bunch of estate sales and yard sales in Birmingham. Looking mainly for furniture, but I can never pass up the smalls. Half way into the trip, the sky opened up and the clouds produced toad strangler rains. Torrential. Well, that’s exaggerating a bit, but it was raining harrrrdddd. Took the wind right out of our “sales”. Even though it did finally stop raining, we didn’t have the heart to go to all the sales and stopped after two, afraid to look for furniture for fear it might start raining again. I came home with a full, Golden Corral belly, two magazines from my stop at Hancock and three items from one estate sale.

Vintage glittered wood, Merry Christmas letters, a set of Fitz & Floyd orange salt and pepper shakers exactly like the ones we got for a wedding gift in 1973 that went by the way of a yard sale many, many years ago and those fancy candles.

The candles are plastic. Or at least the fancy part is. I haven’t had time to study them well enough to know if they were ever meant to be burned. Surely not?

So, I have a question. Do these candles have a name? And what style would they be? Shabby Chic, romantic, Hollywood Regency?

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5 thoughts on “What do you call these candles?

  1. I don’t know what they’re called, but those are some fancy schmancy candles.

  2. I suppose the best name would be “Retro”. At the risk of revealing my age, I remember when this type candle was all the rage. While yours may have plastic, all most are all candle wax. Gift shops, especially in tourist areas, would have a place set up where you could watch them make the candles. It was quite a process and some were very elaborate, others were plain. Flower shapes were frequently incorporated into the design. I have one from Hawaii and it has an orchid motif. I would say the time of popularity was 1980’s, maybe a little before and a little after. I must fess up, I suspect mine are still downstairs packed away.

  3. Those candles bring back memories! My parents owned a gift shop and sold many of those. I can’t remember what they are called, but I’ll try to find out for you. I don’t think they have plastic….they are just layers of wax. Pretty cool!

  4. They are called “hand carved” or “sculpted” candles. They are hand dipped, then, while the wax is still warm, the maker takes a sharp knife and slices into the wax, twists, then reattaches it to the candle. It is a fascinating process! There are tons of videos about it in you tube, you should check them out, it will give you a whole new appreciation for that set of candles.

    Also, your candle isn’t plastic, it’s wax that has been dipped in a sealer. Some of the candles have an insert/core that can be burned, others are just for show, but I think in general, due to the cost of them, most are never burned.

  5. I have a set of them too Wanda from the 80’s and they are called hand sculpted candles. And they are fancy schmancy cool! Vanna

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