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And Now For the Reveal

Yeah, I’m watching Ghost Hunters while writing this. Could you tell by the title?

Are you ever disappointed when you get home with the goodies from an exciting sale? I literally couldn’t get anything else in the car after The Grandaddy Of All Estate Sales. It seemed to me that I got The. Best. Stuff. But when I started unloading and going through everything it felt like, “Is this it?” “There’s no more than that?” But still, there were some pretty cool things.

Paper mache lady lipstick holder. She’s nearly a foot tall.


I wanted to get a picture of this looking glass hanging on the wall, but it’s not there yet. It’s large. Close to 3′ tall!


Funny little 1970’s storage footstool.


These Lefton ducks were bought in memory of Lena. We were at a sale together one time and she zeroed in on ducks just like these out of what seemed like hundreds of junky figurines. These were the only things on that table worth a flip. I totally overlooked them. Not this time, though. I do learn from other’s conquests.


What is this? Some kind of tin safe. About a foot and a half tall. The door slides so that you wouldn’t use it standing even though it looks best like that. You’d have to use it lying down like it is in the picture. Odd.


Floral cage thing, round wire thing that I think was an early dishwasher rack and a rusty, iron flower basket thingy.


1960’s Lifesaver display rack.


More small wire baskets, another cigar box (That wasn’t last week’s box, was it?) and a celluloid hand mirror.


A large, flatish wire basket, a market size wire basket, but with no handles, a terrarium house with rusted out bottom and only two pieces of glass and four, sweet, metal legs.


Oops. The flower basket is a ham! It made its way into another picture! Also a wire cage flower frog, a small wooden wheel and a fan blade. Why a fan blade? Beats me. But surely there’s some use for a fan blade. Surely!


A cemetery flower basket. I do have a weakness for these. A pottery basket that I might keep with me and that whatever it is. Tower sorta like thing. You can’t tell by the picture, but it has pegs sticking out on the sides. I suppose it could hold plant pots or maybe pies and the pegs.. could… hold…….something….. Do any of you know what it is?


Large, a couple of feet tall large, chalk cameo.


Large Arts and Crafts style wall sconce.


And yes, the round, folding laundry basket that is already in it’s new home. It didn’t last a week. I never find these things. NEVER. It was so tempting to keep, but I really didn’t have a place for it at home. Boo hoo. And yes, I wish I’d blogged about it before it sold so it would have been available to more of you. Which reminds me. If you ever see something on the blog, it might be months, even a lotta months before I ever put it on the web site – if it ever makes it there. Please let me know if you’re interested. Hopefully you all know I’m not going to ask an arm and a leg. I do try to keep my prices a little less than the actual selling price of the same item on eBay. eBay seems to be a good reference of the prices people are actually willing to pay. I don’t want to cheat myself too much, though I quite often do.

9 thoughts on “And Now For the Reveal

  1. I wish I could have gone to that estate sale, Wow!!! What great treasures. I would have bought the same pieces. The best of all is the laundry cart and I wouldn’t want to part with it either.


  2. The thing with the sliding door looks like a bread box. A really old kind.

  3. The sliding door looks exactly like the sliding top of the “bread drawer” on my old hoosier….

  4. The metal basket with the twisty handle and the legs is an old funeral flower basket. The legs got stuck in the ground graveside so the basket wouldn’t tip over with a large arrangement. I have a similar basket without the legs, but in that great old 40s green. I took it out of someone’s trash on 9/11. The world was ending, I went and got my daughter out of school even though they told me I should leave her there, and STILL I was garbage picking. Ha.

  5. I love the cameo! Where or where could she go?

  6. Wanda, I’m very interested in the big looking glass mirror, if the price is right! My daughter in law wants to do her bathroom with hand mirrors like the one done like that in the 1st Sex and the City movie. Hope you haven’t decided to keep it!!

  7. Great stuff. I like the terranium and the sliding metal. I have a box similar to this in red. Also liking the lifesaver display.

  8. The sliding drawer is almost identical to the metal bread drawer insert I discovered in my kitchen cabinets when we first bought our house…couldn’t part with it after we refinished the cabinets and it is still there.

  9. Love the vintage laundry basket! Do you know what year/era they’re from? How much do these sell for?
    Good eye!

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