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More still

Oh, how dreary and rainy it’s been with Fay sitting on top of us these past few days. I’m so thankful for the rain, but it does make me sleepy. I didn’t get out this weekend, but am still working through the previous weekend’s things.

I believe I mentioned that my web site died? That’s consumed me for the past month. I like the computer to do what I need it to do. I don’t care much for fixing things. Don’t really like building things either, but once it’s built, I sure don’t want to do it again – much less three more times! Yuck! I’d think it was getting there and something would go wrong and I’d have to start over. I think I lost some pictures in the process, but most are back up. The web site should be fully functioning now. Keeping my fingers crossed. It needs some cosmetic work, but that is not priority. Adding items is. Today I added the blue and pink cup and saucers, a Wedgwood plate, a folk art bird painting and….. something else? Can’t remember. All of that was from the recent sales. Here are the rest of the pictures:

Fondue forks, gold handle knives, Birmingham centennial hankies

Japan fondue forks, gold handle knives and Birmingham centennial hankies.
Vintage Christmas Items
Can’t resist Christmas stuff.
Italian Nativity Figures
Mostly Italian nativity figures.
Christmas Stockings Made From Old Quilts
I need to put backs on these stockings.
Vintage Vera Towels
Vera towels and a rooster towel.
Black and White Relief Drawing  
Can’t you just see these reliefs in a mid century modern kitchen?
Red and Black Relief Drawing
Broken Tiles 
A fabulous fireplace had sold in the house with the good, old stuff. They broke all the tiles surrounding it. Now I wish I’d got all the pieces instead of just these few – especially since they were free!
Unstretched painting of a girl.
Unstretched and unfinished.
Another unstretched painting.
Calla lilies print and the folk art bird painting.
Sunflower painting
Unstretched sunflower painting.~~~~

And this concludes the show. I think that’s all I got pictures of, anyway.

Now, I’m working on getting the blog moved over to the web site. I’ll let y’all know.

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