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Who was that nekkid man? — The tale of a yard sale adventure

Hello friends! Hope you had a good week. It blew by for me like all my days, weeks, months and years do. I tried to get a post up on some kitchen stuff. What I like about mine and what I don’t, but my pictures were awful. I was ashamed to use them. So that project was scraped. In my mind a good lighting kit will be the magic bullet, but I’ll complain about all that another time. Bottom line was between all the other busyness, no post was written.

I thought for today’s Sunday afternoon chat I’d resurrect a tale oft told around here and one that I told when I first started blogging in 2007. (The blog has been through lots of ons and offs and changes through the years.) I was over on Blogspot/Blogger at that time. That blog isn’t accessible for anyone but me now, but some of those tales don’t need to be forgotten. Like this one:

Who was that nekkid man? A yard sale adventure.


Several years ago, when my daughter was around 12, she and I went to some sales in Birmingham. It turned out to be a day that will live in infamy. For us as well as the other poor, unsuspecting soul, the victim of this story.

It was midday and we were tracking down our last stop. We found the address we were looking for, parked and walked up to the porch. It was a big Victorian in an old, hip, trendy, neighborhood. We both swear to this day the ad said the sale was inside. No one was outside, so we just opened the door and walked in. You usually do that at sales that are held inside. Still no one about. Maybe they were taking a bathroom break. We were browsing some things, mostly painted furniture, with price tags on them when we heard a door open behind us. We turned around to see a man totally nude. He had definitely taken a bathroom break. A shower most likely. His eyes got big as saucers, our eyes got big as saucers. He screeched out an “eek”, we screeched out a louder “eek”. He turned around and dashed into another room, we turned around and got the h*** outta Dodge as fast as we could! Five seconds later, we were in the car burning rubber, but it seemed like an eternity.

We still can’t figure out what went wrong. Were we at the wrong address? There were things for sale inside. Had the sale closed? We double checked the time and were within the time frame stated. Maybe the shoppers had stopped coming and he figured it was over. I just wish he’d locked his front door. Or on second thought……………

3 thoughts on “Who was that nekkid man? — The tale of a yard sale adventure

  1. Oh wow, that would be so totally embarrassing! Just no explanation for it….makes you wonder what was going on. Was that in Forest Park or maybe Southside? You don’t have to say.

    1. Hehe. Southside.

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