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Sunday Afternoon Chat

Pickle Patch parking lot sale

I missed last Sunday. Went shopping. So if anyone dropped by, that’s where I was. 😉 I’ll be helping with a bridal shower later this afternoon. I do have a bit of a life every now and then after all!

So, what’s been going on with you the past couple of weeks? Allergies got you yet? How’s your weather? We’ll be near 90 later this week!

Tiffany and I have been prepping the next estate sale. I was checking the pockets of suitcases and pulled out these:

Granny panties as big as me!

Granny panties almost as big as me! (Please excuse the bad hair and make-up. I was working, remember? That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.) When I pulled them out, I didn’t think they were unusually large. It was only holding them up to my little bitty self that made them look so huge. The owner was undoubtedly much taller. And that’s as far as I’m going with that. Tall people carry weight much better than us shorties. And I really do look short in that picture! Tiffany is almost a foot taller than I and the picture taken from her angle makes me really look tiny. ‘Course when you’re not quite 5’ tall, I guess you look tiny to everybody. That’s why I normally wear heels. Sigh.

They actually appear to be a bathing suit bottom. I wonder if she wondered what happened to them? We didn’t find a top. And was that her last trip to the beach? When we spend hours upon hours in a person’s home, pulling out everything they owned, we start to feel like we know them. They become our friends in a way. Haven’t done a home where we didn’t think we liked the previous owners yet. It’s an interesting profession, although a lot of hard, dirty work. Speaking of allergies!

Other than working at the sale house, most of last week was spent pricing things for a yard sale. We set some tables up at the Pickle Patch antique mall’s vendor’s parking lot sale. 

Pickle Patch parking lot sale

We ended up taking most of that back home with us. I know the picture is small, but can you see how the girl on the left’s hair is blowing and she’s kinda huddled up? Yeah. The weather hurt the attendance. It was supposed to be up to 74° that day. And it did reach that, but it took a long time and the wind was awful! The wind made it cold for several hours, then cool when it should have been pleasant. I had a blanket wrapped around me and my sweater hood pulled up. We’ll be having another sale in May. My friend, Melanie, is going to have it with me. We’ll do it in my old shop building this time.

Erin and Dani came up for the sale and a little shopping. They walked up to the mall, spotted this little chair on the porch and had to have it. Turned out to be Tiffany’s!


Isn’t it adorable? Somebody tried to buy it from us. Dani’s adorable, too. She loves those rain boots. The cool didn’t seem to bother her, either. Kids.

Lessee….. I made these flowers from Christmas tree candle clips. It shouldn’t have, but it oddly took two days to make them and write the blog post.  

I grieve Prince’s passing along with the rest  of our generation. Chyna as well. Both so young. 

I can’t think of much else that wouldn’t bore you to tears. Hope you have a great week!


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  1. You think YOU’RE boring people to tears? I just blogged about CLEANING OUT MY CLOSET. Ha.

    I want that little pink chair. Please send it asap.


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