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Why I May Not Shop Any Yard Or Estate Sales For A Long, Long Time

Our yard after my dad moved to a smaller home

Have I had my fill of yard and estate sales? Nah. Just when I was beginning to catch up with stored booth and Etsy stock and getting ready to hit the sales in full swing again… Just when I thought we were going to get the carport and yard cleaned up and stop embarrassing the neighbors… My dad decided to sell his house and move to a smaller one.

He’s moving from a 12 room house, not counting the TWO kitchens and 3 bathrooms, into a newer, 6 room house with an open floor plan. Two of those 12 rooms in the old house were storage rooms, one was full of his hand tools… AND he had a little workshop in the back yard full of big – and small – tools. My mother was an organized hoarder and they went to yard sales every weekend for over 30 years. Daddy remarried after my mother passed away and he and his second wife added to the accumulation with new things more to her taste. To put it simply, there was a lot of stuff.

He put the house up for sale and the first people to look at it bought it. We had precious little time to get him moved. There was no time for a big sale. There was some murmuring about donating the things he didn’t want or couldn’t use, but I couldn’t do it. Could. Not. If it’s not his stuff, that makes it mine. Since this is the way we make our living, and that was actually part of my inheritance, I had to pack it up and bring it to my house. Had to. Wanna see some pictures of our yard? This is what our poor neighbors have to drive by.

Looks like an episode of Hoarders, doesn’t it?


An upholstered chair is under the plastic.


Moving on to the driveway. See, our original mess of Ricky’s furniture building is piddly compared to what we added to it. We got a lot of boxes from the liquor store. I kept hoping there would be a bottle left in one by mistake. We needed some of that Wild Turkey after all this.


Can you see all those filing cabinets? There are several tall ones hiding back there, not just the little guys. I think my mother bought every one she saw if the price was right.


This is under the carport. The picture really doesn’t convey the enormity of the mass of boxes. It does, however, convey the path we have to walk through to get to the house.

It doesn’t end here. The other side of the house, not the back, mind you, but the front side, has two sets of plastic wicker and two metal patio sets. And the front porch got two old, wicker chairs.

There is still more that made it to my dad’s garage before he decided he couldn’t handle the mess. Ha! We’ll have to get that, too.

We’re frantically working to get this cleaned up and under control. It’s looks much, much better tonight. As much as possible will go into a storage unit, but ya know, once it gets there, I forget about it. So I’m sorting, keeping, and pricing like a crazy lady over the next couple of days while it’s raining.

My deepest apologies to the neighbors, and to the people who thought we were going to have the yard sale of the year.

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