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New Antique Booth Pictures

Hand built farm table and benches

Here are the latest of our antique booth pictures. The word antique is used loosely, of course. I took the pictures on my phone and those fluorescent lights wreak havoc with the built in camera. That’s one reason you’ll rarely see booth pictures on the blog. They’re U G L Y! It was also a drop it and run day. We just can’t seem to get down there when I have a day to putter around with the look. So, there’s that. The pictures probably won’t be inspiring or anything, but here they are.

We took another, built by Ricky, table to the booth yesterday. This one has a different style legs. When he ordered them, I had my doubts, but I really like the look! We can’t keep farm tables in stock. I want the booth to have a variety of furniture, but he has to keep building what sells. These tables are so large, it’s hard to decorate the booth around them. We’re really need to expand whenever the booth next door comes open.

Hand built farm table and benches

A bargain at $575.00. It should be almost double that.

Table and benches sold in 1-1/2 week.

Mud room bench

Cute, Pottery Barn knock off mud room bench. Again, hand built. Marked down to $145.

Industrial metal table with marble top

We’ve had this metal leg table and green marble top in storage since I closed the shop. I used them mainly for display. Hate to sell it, but it’s time. $100.

MCM chairs and end table

Mid century modern isn’t big in the area of the mall. These chairs and table are still available. However, I don’t remember their price. They’re Erin’s.

We don’t ship furniture, but if you’re in the area, the booth is D-26 in Angel’s Antique Mall in Opelika. It’s worth a day trip if you’re even remotely close. The mall is HUGE!


2 thoughts on “New Antique Booth Pictures

  1. That table is gorgeous & IS a bargain at $575! Love the fabric screen, picture frame draped over it & mud room bench, & thermos, and sewing box, and and and and…just everything! And you’re expanding too! Wow! I wouldn’t be able to keep all that stocked.

    1. Thanks Florence. Everybody likes the screen until they see that it’s paper and water damaged. LOL It’s not even for sale because of that.

      Not expanding yet! I’m not in a hurry to pay more rent, although because of the tables we need more room. I just need to get our name on the list to get first dibs on the next door booth. The guy who has it has a bunch all around the mall and I think he’s wanting to gradually get them all up front. We’re in the back.

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