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What have we done so far?

Ahhhhh…. not much. How relaxing!

Sandi, you’re very close. Bettye knows – sort of. I’ve just confirmed exactly where I am. Didn’t really know until last night.

We saw this yesterday:





And this:

(See the dogs on the roof?)



And this:

(Read the sign carefully. Should I send it in to the Engrish blog on LOL Cats?)



And now I think I’m going to pour my fat little self into a bathing suit and lie out by the ocean.

Wanda – Reporting from Maroma Beach on the Mexican Riviera!

6 thoughts on “What have we done so far?

  1. I coold use a coold beer right about now, myself!

  2. Oh my gosh!!! Your room looks so fab and the view from the hillside and the ruins, and your own pool and everything.I have been praying that you all would be safe and well andhaving fun and wow what an abundance of blessings. I’m so glad you are blogging!! Thanks for the update. Love, L

  3. WOW!! How exciting! I am jealous – the place looks great, especially the pool outside your room! Have a terrific time!

  4. I’m so jealous! It’s raining and we just had our first tree breaking wind storm for the year yesterday. DAMN! Mexico looks pretty good right now!

  5. I knew you were in Mexico, you mynx! Hope you have loads of fun! Equador is a beautiful place to visit, too…from the Grand Old Mountain to the beautiful beaches…

  6. Love to see your Tulum photos! The misspelling on the sign is a common one here, as the double “o” in Spanish sounds the same as the English “o” sound in the word “cold.” It’s always amusing, I love “engrish” no matter what country is responsible for it.

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