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Snow Week

Yeah, nothing much happened around here last week except…. oh, yeah. It snowed. But it iced first. Snow is a big deal here in the South. We don’t get much and aren’t prepared, equipment wise. There’s no need to keep snow plows and salt on hand. Our best defense is to be sure we have the things we’ll personally need on hand for the rare occasion that we get snowed in.

So as of last Wednesday morning, the forecast was still that our area would get a dusting or accumulation of perhaps 1″ – 1-1/2″ and that was supposed to start around 11 am. It began snowing at 9:00. I needed to make a Dollar General run for a cat-mergency. We had all our supplies, but the cat didn’t.


I left a little before 10:00. It had been snowing an hour and was barely sticking at this point. Dollar General is a mile and a half up the road from us, a smallish state highway. The drive to the store was uneventful. I was in the store 10 minutes. But much happened during those ten minutes. When I left and pulled out onto the highway, the car slid. Only a little, but enough to know this snow situation is going to be bad. I slid three more times coming home that short distance. This is how fast the icy roads came on us. As I drove by the middle school and saw they hadn’t let out yet, I thought again, This is gonna be bad.  They missed this one big time.


So before those of you so used to snow scoff at how we Southerners can’t drive in it, please remember. They told everyone to go on to school and to work. It wasn’t going to hit our area very hard. It was going to be south of us. Then all of the sudden, it was here, sooner than expected and not where it was supposed to be, according to the meteorologists, and everyone was still at work. By the time “they” realized what was happening, it was too late. (We ended up with a couple of inches of snow, but the ice underneath was the worst.) You know the rest. It was all over the news. Stranded motorists everywhere. People having to abandon their cars, spend the night in schools and churches, etc. What little equipment the state had was sent to the area of the state that was supposed to be hit hardest. It didn’t happen like that.


So that’s the story from where I sit. We rode out the storm nice and warm in our house. I was quite warm the second day. I had a stinking, bad cold with a fever. Bleah. Couldn’t enjoy the snow the way I’d have liked. The pictures above aren’t all that great, either. I took them quickly with my phone. I’m just happy to have gotten any pictures at all.

Here’s my favorite snow picture. Our 10 month old granddaughter, Dani. Her mommy said she was fine standing there, but wouldn’t walk in it. And yes, those are socks on her hands. See? We just don’t get enough cold weather to have mittens on hand! Oh, and this was in the area that was supposed to be hardest hit. Supposed to have several inches of snow. Yep. They missed this one big time.


(This is the wicked, little warmit who shared her cold with me.)

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