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Checking in with random, boring thoughts and blah, blah, blah

I’ve been composing this post in my head since Christmas. As I sit here at this moment, I have no idea what I’m going to say. Nothing dire or serious. Just thoughts on where I am, where I’m going, how I’m getting there and… oh, who am I kidding? I can pretty much say where I am, but my idea of where I’m going and how I’m getting there changes almost daily.


You see, I’ve been trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up. I’ve got that sinking feeling I’ll never get it figured out. Surely I was supposed to be a princess! And, okay. Maybe I am since my husband is a prince. The older he gets, the more of a prince he becomes. I’m glad we’ve stuck it out. But my prince isn’t rich. We still have to work for a living. Since he “retired” in 2012 we’ve really had to work for a living. It’s an early retirement and we certainly couldn’t afford it, still have too many bills, but his job had become much too stressful. It was driving him crazy. Affecting his health. It’s amazing how his blood pressure and even his cholesterol came down when he left. It’s very hard financially, retirement checks are never enough, but it’s a decision neither of us regret.

Red Credenza
Red Credenza Made By Hand In Alabama : Just Vintage Home

He’s become a furniture builder and doing a h@11 of a job. The picture above is one of his earlier pieces! His pieces are starting to rival Pottery Barn. Really! It’s a new found talent for him. He sells every piece he can make. Stays behind. We put the pieces in our 3 booths in antique malls. He also sells toy trains he’s collected over the years on eBay. So he’s doing his part for our financial security. Which brings us to me. Yeah.


That’s my mother in her youth doing what I want to do with my life. Play.
As for work, I would love to be a blogger who makes a nice income with the blog. But that takes a ton of work. A lot of time and dedication. I was determined to work on that beginning the first of the year. And I did! Sorta. I stuck to my blogging schedule for a week. I managed to put those blog posts out there and that’s where it ended. You see, those posts have to be promoted. I did very little. Didn’t have time because I had to do what already makes me money — sell stuff. Then this week, I had nothing to blog about. I’m tellin’ ya. If you do not have a blog or if you do, but it’s just a hobby blog to post to when you’re in the mood, you have no idea the pressure and work blogging can be.

We see the beautiful homes and think what a lovely, serene life they must lead.


We don’t see the behind the scenes chaos. Recognize the room in the next picture? If you don’t, go back 3 posts.


As it stands right now, and I could change my mind tomorrow, I’m going to have to make selling stuff my priority and let the blog come after that. I’m certainly not giving up blogging and will do at least a once a week post. That post won’t be on any particular day and it won’t be on any particular subject, but will almost always be either decor, crafting or cooking. And there might be more than one a week. That will depend on what else is going on that week. But I feel if I focus on what I do best, everything else will fall into place. Wait. Did I say what I do best? That goes back to the original plan of being a princess. I guess I should say the skill I do best.

So there you have it. We’re all doing the best we can with what we have to work with. I believe I’ve been trying to be something I’m not. Modelling myself after those I admire so much. Not letting myself be me because I was wanting to emulate them. I can still learn from them, but I was given a different set of talents. I’m going to try to be the best me I can be. Stop comparing myself to others. And….

……………………..I challenge you to do the same.




2 thoughts on “Checking in with random, boring thoughts and blah, blah, blah

  1. You don’t need to compare yourself to anyone! You are YOU… And that is very precious to those who know & love you! And I doubt very seriously that you’ll ever figure yourself out! Love ya, Tiff

  2. good for you ! it does take a lot of work and I think it has to be very very important to the person as well. I blog to keep me accountable for getting something done. I don’t care if I’m ever in a magazine or known by more than a few people. That is not what motivates me and I don’t think it motivates you either. Most of those gals are not being real, it is mostly a phony front and for a woman of substance, someone “real”, like you it is very difficult to put that front on and keep it up.
    I’ll never forget being somewhere and a photographer wanted a picture of something I had and I didn’t feel like digging it out of my box (I truly did not feel well). another woman said ” But it’s for a MAGAZINE ! ” as if that was the most important thing in the world, and I told her that isn’t what motivates me. She looked at me like I was out of my mind :)) I am not a talented writer, I don”t take fabulous photos and I often feel a lot like Rhett Butler when he replies to Scarlett towards the end of Gone With the Wind. You know ” Frankly my dear, …” I just like to do what I like to do. Sigh, we can only be princesses to our princes but we can do what it is we really like to do and what we are good at. You are very creative and have wonderful ideas…just keep doing what you are doing and it will alllll come together !

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