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Sunday Afternoon Chat


Hi! How are you? How was your week? How was Easter? Gorgeous or not so much? Did you spend it in worship? Were you with family or friends? Did you eat too much? What’s new with you?

I’ve been thinking how much I miss the days of being off on weekends, visiting parents and grandparents or friends or other relatives on Sunday afternoons. Sitting on the porch in the spring and fall and often in the summer if they didn’t have air conditioning. I long for those days again. But it’s not our life at the moment. We work all the time. Our life is “don’t work, don’t eat.” That kinda happens when you’re depending on the money from your own tiny business to pay the bills. At least one that doesn’t have employees to take up some of the slack. We think if we could ever get ahead and stay ahead, we could more easily take some time off, but every time we think that’s about to happen, life throws us a sucker punch. 

Anyway, chatting here seemed like a nice idea. I don’t know if anyone is reading or interested, but if you are, let me know you’re there!

What’s new with me? Pretty much same ol’, same ol’. Still in a mess at the house, but it’s slowly and gradually getting better. I keep hammering away at Etsy, but with all their new changes, I fear they’ll eventually go the way eBay did and be not as seller friendly. So I’m amping up the blog shop here as well. Always have a Plan B. And, well, with my independent streak, I’d rather sell on my own than through a third party.

Our son and granddaughter Sophie visited for a couple of days during their spring break. A couple of days is never enough. I so wish they lived a whole lot closer than 700 miles! Granddaughter Dani, who is only 75 miles away, came up and stayed while they were here, too. Dani and Sophie are a tad over two months apart in age. Dani just turned 3 years old. Sophie’s birthday is the first part of June. Such a fun age. They had a blast playing together. My heart bursts watching them. It was sad to see them all go back home. 

Have I mentioned we’ve rented my old shop building again? It really made me want to reopen the shop, but I keep reminding myself that as much as I loved the shop, I don’t like being tied down. Ricky will use it to expand his woodworking shop, get the mess he’d bring home to work on away from here – YAY! – and the front room of the shop will be his showroom, so I’ll still get to play around in it a little. 

Getting the shop meant we could empty out another storage unit. We only have one left and plan to have it emptied this month. Wait. There are only 4 days left to do that?! Ack! But we are planning a yard sale for the second weekend in April. Hoping to get rid of a another mess o’ stuff.

Oh! Check out my interview over on Vintage Etsy Society’s blog! I feel like such a grown-up, giving an interview. ūüėÄ

Tell me, do you love the all white and neutral rooms? Those rooms grab me on Pinterest every time. The over exposed pictures of a white sofa against a white wall with a tin bucket filled with lavender on a chippy white table…. That kind of room. I think I want that. But I don’t think I can. It’s really hard to stick to white or off white, or no color! I’ve tried to do a small, all white room, but before I knew it, color has sneaked its way in. Still, having white-ish walls would be nice. That way I could move accessories around from room to room easier. We haven’t painted in 10 years. I’m really tired of the wall colors in the house. (They don’t photograph well, either.) Spring gives me the change-up fever, but there’s that time thing again. It’s probably not gonna happen again this year. So I guess I’ll just continue to live vicariously through Pinterest and blogs and friends. And maybe putter around with a bit of rearranging as time permits. I do have a couple of small projects waiting to happen, hopefully in the next few days.

So tell me what you’ve been up to!

Good to see ya! Glad you stopped by! Til the next visit,

Love ya,



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