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Don’t skip the last hours of an estate sale! – Things to look for at estate sales

My friend, Tiffany the Cranky Queen , and I have started conducting estate sales locally. And let me tell you, it’s Work! Hard Work. But that’s another story. (We’re Sentimental Suitcase Estate Sales.) What I want to share today is some of the things left at the most recent sale that nobody noticed or wanted — and should have, especially if they’re resellers. We price for dealers on the first day, so when it’s half price, they’re great bargains.

Silent Movie Wall Paper
A roll of silent movie wallpaper from the 1970’s

A bathroom was wallpapered in this. It was original to the house which was built in the early-mid 70’s. This roll was extra.


Record Caddy
1960s record caddy for 45’s


Vintage shelf paper
Vintage contact paper. The one front is double sided. Yellow flowers on one side, orange on the other.


1940's Purdue Pennant
1940’s Purdue Pennant

Okay. I understand why this was left. We’re in Alabama. You’re either for Alabama or Auburn. There are no other teams worthy of attention outside the SEC. But if you sell on the internet (ahem… like me…cough), then this is a pretty neat thing to have for sale.


Arensbak Troll - 1978
Arensbak Troll from 1978

Yep, he’s ugg-lie. But click here to see what they’re asking for them on eBay! No, it won’t pay next month’s rent, but any dollar earned is a good dollar earned. I’ll choose a price somewhere in the middle.


Jack's Hamburgers Vintage Poster
Jack’s Hamburgers Vintage Poster

I think this is my favorite. Jack’s Hamburgers is a fast food restaurant exclusive to the Southeast. It’s been around since at least the 1960’s. Their ’60’s jingle was:

Jack’s hamburgers for 15 cents are so good… good… good. You’ll go back, back, back… to Jack’s, Jack’s, Jack’s… for more… more… more.

There were more things, vintage clothes and books mainly, but these things were easy to grab and take pictures of. So don’t always assume that an estate sale won’t have anything left at the end of the second day. If I were going to keep any of this, it would be the shelf paper, but I’ve got so dang much of that kind of thing. Which brings me to why I haven’t been posting this summer.

I haven’t been buying. The move out of the old shop was a real eye opener. I never dreamed I’d stored that much stuff in there. I need to work all that out, into booths and on Etsy before I go out shopping again. I’m thinking about starting a series called, “Let’s See What’s In This Week’s Box.”

I’m also having trouble multitasking. If I’m working on an estate sale, that’s pretty much what I’m doing. Ain’t no house cleaning or internet stuff going on. I’m doing good to be wearing clean clothes. But maybe I’ll manage to get into a groove with it all.


Think you’d like to try selling on Etsy? I love Etsy! Use **this link** and you and I will both get 40 free listings!

Until next time….


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