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The latest finds

Had a pretty good weekend at the sales. There weren’t very many, being toward the last of the month. But I got wind of an estate sale on a street near where I grew up. Nosy Nannie that I am, I looked up the address on and found out it was the parents of someone I went to school with. His mom taught me… something… in high school. Some business course, I’m pretty sure, but can’t remember for the life of me! His dad was our first insurance agent. We’ve been with the same agency ever since.

Ricky and I were out Thursday evening and I asked him to ride by the house. There was stuff on the lawn. Lots of stuff! Actually, it was advertised as an outdoor estate sale.


This picture was taken Friday morning, but it is what I saw Thursday evening.

There was a man leaning over into the trunk of a car that looked to me like my classmate, but Ricky wasn’t about to stop. “You know how annoying it is when people try to come early” “I don’t think that was him” “blah, blah, blah.” So we rode on.

I didn’t sleep well Thursday night and was up before daylight Friday. Could not wait to get to the sale that said it would start at 8:00. I got there about 6:30. Was thrilled to be the first and only for a good half hour. Then the bubble burst. In conversation, I learned that people had been coming by all day Thursday and buying stuff. All the “good” furniture was gone. Grrrrr. But I still got these chairs.

Booth at Angel's August 2014

Can you see them behind the table? I forgot to get a picture before they went to the booth, then forgot to get a pic of just them in the booth. They were antiqued in the 1960s. They have that great, green paint. I was surprised when I heard people had shopped the day before that nobody got them. Especially Tiffany, The Cranky Queen! Yep. She was one who went early. That’s a story in itself, but it’s one for her to tell. She said they weren’t priced when she was there. And I’m pretty sure she got some of the “good” furniture. These are in our booth at Angel’s in Opelika.

I also loaded up on ladies shoes:

Vintage shoes & sunglasses

These were the best of them. There were several pairs of Keds and some other, summer shoes. I thought those sunglasses were really cool.

Got some smalls, too:

Estate sale smalls August 2014

The ice bucket at the bottom is an Oregon Trail ice bucket. I ran by Tiffany’s house today and saw the glasses that go with it on her counter. She bought them the second day of the sale. I never saw them and she never saw the bucket. We’re going to put them together in one of our booths.

That was it for me on Friday. Saturday took me to a few yard sales.

Yard Sale Stuff

The frame and candlestick aren’t old, but I liked the look of them. I put a chalkboard in the frame (which isn’t as bright red as the picture) and took it and the candlestick to our booth at Longleaf Antique Mall in Alex City. The spice rack will – someday – eventually – maybe – be painted to be a nail polish holder.

Candle Stand

Next sale produced this candle stand or occasional table. It’s a project. Like that was just what I needed. But the price was more than right. It was impossible to refuse. For a junker, anyway.

Thought I was finished and passed by a house that had a sale last week having another sale this week. There was what looked like a big door standing up on the side of the junk. I turned around and went back. Ended up being a crummy, not very cool window, but I did purchase this:

Small nightstand

Another project. It was loaded up in my car and I called it a day. But wait! There’s more! A couple of hours later the phone rang. The lady who had conducted an estate sale last weekend had a bedroom suit nobody bought. She even tried to sell it on Facebook. The only person interested changed their mind and did I want it? Uh…. maybe? I mean, nobody else wanted it. Am I famous for taking the dredges? Yeah. Probably.

Blonde dresser

I think the reason it didn’t sell was the price. But it needed to be out of the house so she cut me a great deal. There’s a plain headboard and foot board that go with it. It definitely needs work, but this is going to be a nice piece when we finish with it. It weighs a ton. Drawers are very well made. Color decisions will need to be made quickly.

The end.

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  1. Love all of the treasure you have found. It’s been a good week for me too.

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