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This’ll Make You Sick

One day last week a young lady came into the shop and said she had a box of her grandmother’s things. Her grandmother had gone to the nursing home and the three daughters got what they wanted and carted everything else off to GoodWill. This precious young girl managed to rescue one box and was it worth anything at all and did I want it?




Now, before you get too excited, the small Hull vases have some serious damage, but the ewer does not. If this is the one box that was saved, what must have been carried off? Makes me want to cry thinking about it. One thing’s for certain. We’ll never see it in a GoodWill. These things never make it out around here, or if they do the good Hull vase would have been marked $100. (Mine’s $30.) And the bad ones would have been $25 each.

No sales for me this weekend, but it’s soooo pretty out! Warming up and sunny. Read it and weep those of you in snow or slush or rain or bitter cold. Although I’d love to trade places with you for just one week. That’s all I ask. One week of “real” winter. Not the pretend stuff we get. Here, it warms up to rain and gets cold for the sun to come out. We get excited over a few flurries.

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3 thoughts on “This’ll Make You Sick

  1. Well, why don’t I see any of that hull on this here old website? 🙂

  2. Oh gosh, those Hull vases are so precious. Damaged or not…I’d take them!

    Deanna 😀

  3. hey wanda…long time, no hear. glad you stopped by. i was finally able to improve my link to your site…i’ve missed a LOT!!!! almost cried reading your post about the goodwill & cleaning out grandma’s house. sad beyond sad. makes me think all us junkers should somehow get together and draft a document… sort of like a will or tell our kids, or grands, what to do with all the cool stuff we’ve rescued over the years. Start it with…”Do Not Throw This Stuff Out!!” and maybe ending with a threat of haunting them from the great beyond if they don’t follow our directives! Hah! my mind wanders to odd places first thing in the morning! anyway thanks for stopping by. see you again soon. *elaine*

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