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The best of the sale and blog appreciation

I totally forgot to show the very bestest, most awesome, fabulous, incredible, wonderful, desirable item at Saturday’s sale! I’d taken the picture with my phone and forgot about it.


How wonderful is that counter? Even with the crummy cell phone picture, I think the wonderfulness shows through. Oh, how badly I wanted it, but the thing was at least 20′ long. I had no place to put it and no way to get it home if I did. There wasn’t a price on it. Don’t know if someone had already snapped it up or if they didn’t price it.


Have I mentioned lately how much I love reading your blogs? I love seeing what you’re doing in your homes, what you are creating, buying and putting in your booths or shops. You inspire me to great things.

It used to be that I anxiously awaited the arrival of several magazines in my mailbox every month. Each magazine, Country Living, Country Home, Romantic Home, Home Companion, Traditional Home, Colonial Homes (going way back here), was devoured cover to cover, over and over. I’d wonder about the homeowners. Wonder what they did for a living to have such fabulous homes. Where did they find the interesting pieces they had? Who were they? What were they like?

I still enjoy the magazines, especially when one of you is featured. I would never have imagined all those years ago that one day I’d “know” many of the contributors. But blogs have added so much to the home inspiration. We get to see a new arrangement, a rearranged room, new finds, a new creation, every day. No longer do we have to wait for the magazine to come out each month.

When the shop started taking over my time, when I wasn’t at home enough to do any “home fun”, I stopped keeping up with the blogs as much. I knew seeing new ideas, I’d be inspired to do something else to my house and flat out didn’t have time. I knew I’d only be frustrated. But I’m starting to spend more time away from the shop these days. It’s open only by chance or appointment. Had to do that for my sanity. And now I’m SO enjoying blog reading again! I’ve been rearranging stuff in the house. Often, I’ll see something on a blog and before finishing reading the post will jump up and go do something similar in my house. But there are so many blogs I follow, either through the “follow” thingy or RSS feeds, the only way I can keep up is to keep Google Reader open at all times. And Heaven forbid I miss a day or two! It takes forever to catch up!

Anyway, that’s all I had to say. Just how much I appreciate all of you sharing your homes, lives and creations. Thank you!

4 thoughts on “The best of the sale and blog appreciation

  1. I LOVE that counter. It is just perfect (except that it is huge and would fit nowhere in my world). Oh well…we can dream can’t we???


  2. Wanda, I was awarded the Stylish Blog Award by Lauren at West Furniture Revival. By the rules, I must give 7 awards to new found blogs. I am awarding you with “The Stylish Blog Award.” Stop by my blog and accept your award. Follow the directions. Congrats. Tiff

  3. Hi there – Love what you said about reading everyone’s blogs. I have new magazines sitting in a pile that I haven’t had an interest in picking up because I’m enjoying everyone’s blogs so much!

  4. I have not got the hang of my RSS and Google Reader feeds. I visit my regular parties and click on links I know I would enjoy and happen to find new places to visit and I never seem to take the same route twice to get around. I am always worried that I am missing so much!
    Imagine if I had internet access on my phone or some sort of portable computer device.

    But I am so glad I found my way here to visit with you.

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