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A Tiny Bit Of Fall Decorating – Fall Vignettes

Fall decorating with a small pumpkin on top of black glass match holder

So. Yeah. I was ready to do some fall decorating. Right. I pulled out my boxes and realized most everything was either Halloween or Thanksgiving themed. Not much was generic fall. So, I have nothing noteworthy. But I’ll show you what I did do.

Some fall colored string balls in the stack of dough bowls in the little dining room:

Fall colored balls of string in stack of antique dough bowls.

In the same room, I put some kind of shedding, dried flower bunches in a brown transferware bowl. As long as we don’t touch them or blow on them, everything is fine.

Fall, dried flowers in brown transferware bowl

Then I tried this little plastic pumpkin sitting on top of a black, Tiara, match holder (that I talked about in this post)  in a couple of different places. This spot also has silver plate cups in a big, glass, vase/jar thing and a small book under a cloche.

Tiny pumpkin on black glass match holder next to silver plate cups in a glass jar

Here is the pumpkin and books on the coffee table in the living room:

Small pumpkin on top of black glass match holder

And this last one, I really went to a lot of trouble with. I had a fall, silk flower bunch and dropped it in the ice cream bucket. Whew! That wore me out that day! LOL Guess I could have made the effort to raise ’em up higher.

Fall decorating with flowers in green ice cream bucket

Wondering what the surrounding area looks like in the picture above? It was actually clean that day, but there is an air freshener thing on a shelf and egads! The phone! The outlets! Couldn’t edit them out for a less jarring visual, either. I’m not that skilled.

Fall flowers in green ice cream bucket

The tin thing on the wall above the stool will be a post of its own one day. Got to get the counters clean again. 

I got these few things done and got distracted. Sometimes I have the attention span of a flea. Have I mentioned I like to sew? Or more accurately, I like the idea of sewing. But I must be the hardest person in the world to fit. Apparently my body is so weird, it’s miles away from any pattern. I’ve been trying for years to alter a pants pattern to fit in the crotch. No matter what I try, I have a back wedgie and baggy front. I had a pattern with a minor alteration I used back in the late ’80’s, but since then I gained and lost 60 lbs. I’m back as small as I was then, but the weight is distributed differently. But pants are not what distracted me. 

I want to make a tank top out of a skirt I bought at the thrift store. Easy enough, right? Wrong. Why should I have such a hard time making a tank top pattern fit???!!! Arghhhhh!!!! Anyway, I hope to have that as a clothing upcycle blog post some day. 

We’re also going to start on another estate sale in the next week or so. We’ll be working on it more than usual to get it done before the holidays, so unless I get some blog posts done ahead of time, all might be quiet here for awhile.

5 thoughts on “A Tiny Bit Of Fall Decorating – Fall Vignettes

  1. That’s a cute little stool & ice cream bucket. I’ve done about as much decorating as you have. Not much.

    1. I went and got Dani this evening so she can go to the local homecoming parade and ballgame tomorrow night. I think I’ll pull out the Halloween decorations tomorrow and let her help.

  2. I really like the colored string idea. I would never have thought of that to use as decoration. It’s and idea that could be used all year with revolving colors of thread for each season.

  3. As always, I love seeing photos of how you decorate. You have a great eye for style – love your quick and easy Fall decor!

  4. Beautiful vignettes of Fall…..Happy Fall!!

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