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When Is the Best Time To Have A Yard Sale?

So, when is the best time to have a yard sale? The answer is first thing in the spring, just as soon as the weather permits. Why? People are hungry and will buy just about anything you put out there. And here’s proof:




I actually bought these two things. A cheese box and a new, tin bucket, still with its UPC code sticker on the bottom. As I was walking to the car, I knew I’d succumbed to the I’m-Finally-At-A-Yard-Sale-Gotta-Get-Something Sickness. I knew, without a doubt, that both these things would go directly into my next yard sale. You see, at my last yard sale, I sold a better cheese box than that one because I knew I’d never get around to doing anything with it. I’d already done something with it when I’d tole painted it in the 1980’s. When I plunked down my dollar bill for this one, I was remembering reading someone’s blog post or Facebook update that they had bought a cheese box and were excited about it, so I should probably get this one. Regret came about 10 seconds later.

The bucket might not really be such a bad buy, but yeah. Not something I was dying to have. I could have happily lived my life without it.

But back to the subject of when to have a yard sale. It’s a little tricky. You don’t really want to be the only game in town that day. Lots of people might not want to get out for just one sale. On the flip side, if you’re one of 50, people might be spent out before they get to yours or think the next sale might be better. I’d say the best time is two or three weeks into pretty weather.

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  1. Hi! I am finally far enough away from becoming a widow and have begun the process of downsizing 73 years of stuff. No junk or yard sale type items and so far am only on eBay using my iPhone to list and manage and no printer for now. Most of my items are from the 1970’s to 2000 so I guess are vintage. Also, tech challenged so eBay I can mostly navigate. Thanks have a liberal artsy type brain. Would you recommend I add another site and if so which would you recommend going forward? My eBay is is krisew36 and I have about 150 items listed. Thanks for any direction you can give me.

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