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Here’s something I want to change in my house

Ugly Sofa

Last week I was asked me what I’d change about my house.  I won’t list the things I’d like to change about the house itself. It’d make me sound miserable and ungrateful. I’m not. But I will step out and show you an eyesore — Part of the living room. Ugh.

Oops. Forgot to pull out the junk pushed under.

Oh dear. First, what do I like here? The statue in the corner, the candlesticks you can’t see very well and the wicker rocker because it was my grandparents’. What don’t I like? The pedestal table and the horrid sofa fabric.

I remember buying the pedestal table from the lady who used to live in the house we own now. This was years after we bought the house. She was divorced and remarried. I had to pay $25 for that table and was proud to get it. After I bought it, she said she and her husband were going for “real antiques” now. I never looked at it quite the same way after that, but it’s served its purpose. But this post is about the sofa.

I’ve come to the conclusion that at this stage in my life I shouldn’t have to live with things that don’t make me smile or things that cause distress. Within reason, of course. The sofa was at a yard sale back in the ’80’s. I remember it so well. I don’t remember the exact house, but could point to a couple it might be. We needed a sofa in the living room, camel backs were all the rage then and I wanted it. If I remember right, it cost us $300.00! Remember, it was back in the pre internet days when everything was valuable. It was a tough decision to let go of the money, but I did it.

I wasn’t crazy about the fabric, but it did seem to be original and I never had the heart to change it. Somehow, I determined the sofa was made in the ’20’2 or ’30’s. I don’t know if it was or not.

So recently I decided it was time to get rid of the sofa. Get something new. Maybe a little smaller. Then I saw this on Pinterest:

Gasp! I love, love, love it!! Can’t I make my sofa look very similar? Surely! I’m over wanting to save the original upholstery. I’m ready to cover a sofa. Uh, wait. Did I really say I was ready to cover a sofa?? All I’ve ever covered are flat chair bottoms. I told my daughter and she laughed. She knows me so well. (She also laughed at my wonky shoo fly cloche. LOL)

Don’t look for a blog post showing my sofa looking like this any time soon, but it’s planted firmly in my mind. Maybe I’ll actually act on it.

I need to ask, though. Do you think the seat just filled with down or is it foam with down around it? I’m assuming it’s down. Is it something else?

9 thoughts on “Here’s something I want to change in my house

  1. The cushion may be springs wrapped in down. My mother-in-law always had spring and down cushions. They are heavenly but don’t get too flat as all down would.

    Good luck with recovering. I would love to be able to do upholstery, but I know my limitations. Still, as I consider the price to have two old family armchairs recovered, I wish I were brave enough!

  2. Is there a tech school that offers an upholstery class nearby? I took a chair to Southern Union with me when I took a class and learned on my own chair. I was also able to do some smaller projects for friends and me during the semester so it was worth the cost. I wish the class had not been discontinued because I would love to recover the couch and chairs in my parlor. One of my friends just had a similar couch redone and the stuffing was faux down- it feels like the real thing!

  3. Oh my gosh Wanda slipcover that baby!! I love your sofa! I have always wanted a camel back like that one! How fabulous would it look in linen similar to your inspiration photo?! And thank you so much for the shout out too girlfriend *winks* Also love love that romantic lady statue and your grandparents chair!
    I have straight down in my sofa cushions and they flatten out like pancakes after someone sits on them, so I would add down liner to your current cushions. I’ve taken old down pillows from the Goodwill and added them to chair cushions and they work great! I can’t wait to hear what you decide to do. Vanna

  4. As both my current sofas are second hand and cost $25.00 I am liking that inspiration sofa too. Your sofa has a good shape and I am sure you can make it lovely. Vanna is an absolute hoot:}

  5. Wanda – I saw Swampgirl’s comment. That couch has potential. Either learn to upholster or have it done with the faux down filler. The lines of the couch are timeless. Swamp’s Mom

  6. Ohhhh yes you can SO do that ! I have a similar sofa I plan on recovering and using down for the seat. Right now it has cushions harder than rocks. I bought a down comforter, on sale and a steal, to use but I am going to wrap it around foam or batting. Have to test out which would be best. Of course, this is a project still waiting after several years. 🙂

  7. Your talent still amazes me! Good look with the reupholstery project

  8. I love your house, decorating style and this blog! Adding it to my reading list! SO beautiful!

  9. Similar to your experience, I also bought our sofa from a friend’s yard sale. The only difference is that the upholstery still looks good, just dirty and unkempt. I just hope that I’ll be able to find professionals who will be able to clean and restore it properly to what it previously looked like.

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