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Get To Know You Wednesday

Here we go. I’m linking up with Seriously Shawn for Get To Know You Wednesday. This week they ask:
1.} Everyone seems to have a quirky family situation. What is something unique about your family dynamic?

Oh, goodness. What isn’t quirky about my family? Let’s see. Where to start?
1) We ARE The Griswolds. Our vacations have all the hilarity and mishaps that the Vacation movies have.
2) We have some crazies. Both my side and my husband’s side. But the most notorious is a distant relative of his, one we’d never met or heard of, but still probably as close as a second cousin, who was on America’s Most Wanted. Something to be proud of, huh?
I could write a book, but won’t go any further tonight.

2.}What is the most stressful aspect to blogging {aside from the network going down}?

Good grief! Keeping up! Hands down, that is the most stressful. I love to see what everybody is up to and my blog list keeps growing and if I miss a day it takes three days to catch up.

3.}We all end up on a blog at some point in our day, but name your top three favorite websites you flock to daily {non blog}.

Facebook, Etsy and TV listings. Or Twitter, but I haven’t been Twittering lately.

4.}What’s your sign? Believe in it or not, does any part ring true to you?

Sagittarius. And yes. Don’t remember what now, but it has me pegged pretty good.

5.} Ice cream!! ICE CREAM!! We all scream for ice cream! Name your favorite flavor/brand!

Actually, I’m not a big ice cream lover, but I could eat my weight in homemade vanilla. My momma’s recipe. I’m kinda partial to that. DQ ice cream comes in second. Oh, my gosh! Now that I’m thinking about it, I sure would love a DQ vanilla shake right about now!

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