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Sales Booty

Lena and I finally got to go to the sales together today and we even had a driver! Her sweet hubby drove and held things for us and took stuff to the car. Too bad we only went to one sale. There just wasn’t much going on worth the gas. Actually, we went to one estate sale and one garage sale. The garage sale was all newer, Home Goods type stuff, neither of us bought anything. Nice, just not what we sell. The estate sale was OK. Just OK, though. Nothing terribly exciting, but I’m trying to get back in the groove of blogging, so took pictures of the finds.

An art deco picture frame, a pudding mold, Scotty dog book end, saucers for candles, an old, “Seasons” print (sitting at a bad angle here), a McCoy El Rancho bowl and a bride and groom cake topper. I just grabbed the bride and groom. It didn’t occur to me until I got home that they’re not very old. 1980s, maybe.
Broken, iron bracket.
Pile of reindeer, a sled with a broken runner and a one armed Santa. I’ll keep him. I don’t have one with his face and I have lots of compassion for the maimed.
Box of trim, lace and rick rack, cute, long, coat and tie change purse, marble base, sorta fancy side, vanity mirror.
Voile apron with black flocking and a vintage, Vera dish towel.

Did you notice the gorgeous wall behind? Well, we think it’s gorgeous. I’ve finally started putting things in that room. Worked this afternoon until I hurt from the waist down more than I cared to. I’d really like to work all day tomorrow, but will go to Erin’s to her neighborhood yard sale and the big festival thing that’s going on in the area. Maybe there’ll be an estate sale somewhere nearby. I-hope-I-hope-I-hope.