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Vintage Haul From Last Weekend

Vintage Haul from July's first weekend of garage sales

Walp. I made another vintage haul video! I’m kinda liking this. Getting used to seeing and hearing myself finally. It’s like watching someone else. And I’m not totally appalled! Gasp! 

So with the 4th last week, and many other things happening I didn’t get a chance to make a haul video until today. But, by golly I did it! And here it is:

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Video — Saturday’s Garage Sale Haul – Vintage Pickings

I’m getting brave and starting to do YouTube videos! I know! Gasp!!! It took me several years to work up the nerve, but I can do this. I know I can! 

I did one last week where I opened a never before opened, Eva Zeisel Kari-All glassware set.

Eva Zeisel Stockholm barware and Kari-All 

(That’s not the video. Just a link to the product – which has the video in the description.)

I forgot to blend my eye make-up, got in front of the camera, talked, said all the wrong things and… and… everything! But ya know what? I took the initiative and did it. Got that first talkie under my belt and did another today. This one shows the items I bought at a basement sale on Saturday with a couple of stories to go along with it.

So. Heeeeere’s the video!


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Filling Up the Booth

Table with stenciled doilies

With a possible move in our future, I’ve decided to focus on putting things in the booth rather than some online and some in the booth. I need to move it out of the house. And it’s a lot quicker to put 30 items in the booth than it is to take pictures and write descriptions on those same 30 things. So…. unless I know it won’t sell in the booth or if it has several parts to potentially get lost in a mall, it’s going to the booth. Even still, I’m slow. But I did get a good start yesterday. The booth had been sorely neglected because of life circumstances and was very close to empty. It’s almost like filling it up from scratch! Continue reading Filling Up the Booth