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Because We Love To See What Other People Buy

Disclosure: Some of the links in the post below are "affiliate links."

Because we all love to see what other people buy to resell, here’s this past weekend’s loot. While not a truckload, there were a couple of moneymakers. Well, I mean, they all should make some money, but a couple will do better than the others.

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1 thought on “Because We Love To See What Other People Buy

  1. I’m thrilled to see you over here in blogland again Wanda! Not that I’m doing much better. Seems like I’m just not blogging much at all, yet I get new subscribers.

    Hey, I like what you bought! Especially like those elves & the poodle, brass, and the clock. My all that brass!! The elves look 50’s Japan to me…very cute.

    I know what you mean about “promising yourself you’re not going to buy any more of…” For me it’s embroidery pictures, sewing notions, & vintage linens. I can hardly resist the embroidery pics, but they’re out & don’t sell well. I think everything else are pretty cool buys too. I would have gotten most of the small ones…not the big ones since I don’t have a booth anymore.

    I know what you mean about selling on Etsy vs your own site. I’ve debated that issue before, but for now I’ll stick with Etsy I guess. They are becoming more like Ebay, though, so I don’t like where they’re going.
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