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Our New House Progress Report

New house progress. Putting in the ground floor.

So, we ride by the lot every week. It’s gone from a muddy mess to seeing some plumbing stuff to a concrete slab but this week we saw this!

New house progress. Putting in the ground floor.

They’re framing the ground floor! It’s starting to look like it’s a real, happening thing! Still weird though to think that will be our house. We’ll actually be leaving this familiar, comfortable home in the spring to a brand spanking new house in an area we don’t know like the back of our hands and where we only know a few people. What an adventure for this pair of AARP members! 

We’re still trying to get our house ready to put on the market. We think, at this point, it will be ready in two weeks. We’ve been thinking “two weeks” ever since we made the decision to sell back in August. LOL But everything is coming to a close. All those repairs are finishing up. Not things that will bring any more money, mind you, but things that could have hurt the sale. Who knew we’d let the house get in such “bad” shape?

One thing we didn’t plan on was replacing the carpet in the one carpeted room we have. Why, in a 1950’s house where every single room except the kitchen and bathrooms is hardwood would the den have a plywood subfloor? I won’t go into detail as to why the carpet is suddenly being replaced. If I was the reason for that, I’d lay it all out there so we could all get a good laugh, but it wasn’t me, so I’ll not speak of it. Anyway, the carpet should be laid in a couple of weeks and all other repairs should finish about the same time so……

One thing I’m facing is the massive amount of stuff waiting to be photographed and listed on Etsy or eBay — or taken to the booth or put in a yard sale if that seems best.

Items waiting to be photographed and listed

What a mess!!! An overwhelming mess at that. The waiting-to-be-listed stuff far outnumbers the stuff that’s out there for sale:

Listed items

It absolutely has to be cleaned up before we tell our realtor to come take pictures.

I’ve been chipping away listing things as time permitted, but I’ve got to do something. Major. Now. And I’m procrastinating at this very minute. You see, I woke up in the middle of the night and decided I should have a marathon photo taking session. Take pics of EVERYTHING, put them in boxes, take them to the shop and, after those probably thousands of pictures have been edited, bring a box home at a time to write up descriptions. Huh. How far do you think I’ll get with that? Anyone care to place bets? Taking pictures is actually my least favorite part of selling online. I’m trying to rustle up the get-up-and-go to get in there and get started. 


5 thoughts on “Our New House Progress Report

  1. Where do you put all the boxed items once you do your photos & descriptions? While they’re waiting to sell? That’s what mine are doing…sitting around in boxes waiting. I realize some people don’t do it that way though. They put it back in the storage area. and then box it up when it sells. Either way, you still have to find ways to store said items.
    Wanda, I believe you ‘might’ have more stuff than I do. But if I had a nice all-in-one-place to store stuff like you do, I might really rival ya. You must write a blog post on how you organize your inventory, so we can all pool ideas.
    Your house is really coming along! How exciting! I’d love to hear the carpet story.

    1. Here ya go, Florence. I wrote it a couple of years ago. Things have changed since then, but doggone it! I still have a lot of that stuff waiting to be listed! Crazy! I don’t exaggerate when I say I work slow!

      The already listed things go in numbered plastic tubs. They’re the ones in this post that look neater on the shelves. In the post I linked to, they’re stacked on top of each other, but I explain how I keep up with it all there.

      I’m excited that I’ll have a dedicated room in the new house. One without tool chests.

  2. Oh Wanda,

    How did I miss the post on the new house!! You. Will. Love. It!!!! We built our main house and you can add character and charm over time but you won’t have uneven drywall, crappy light placement or any of the issue of a resale. How exciting!!

    And yes!! Take those photos. But first grab a note book, create a template for each item and write the description, condition, dimensions, weight etc. everything you need to write the draft. Put a note of what box it is in. Then you can write the draft, add the photos and be good to go. (I write drafts summer evenings during karate when it is warm and daylight in the car. Huge time saver in the end. )

    Can’t wait to see the next progress!! Building a house is so exciting! Good luck staying organized. You can do it!!

    1. Terri, I’ve wanted an old house all my life. The one we’ve lived in the past 40 years now qualifies as an old house, just not the era I had in mind. But looking at houses, from 10-100 years old, I’ve realized I want a new house that looks old. I really don’t want to have to deal with all the things you mentioned anymore. I’m so looking forward to that new smell and everything working like it should.

      I haven’t mustered up the go-get-em to start taking pictures yet. Who knows if I’ll follow through on that one?

  3. It’s always so exciting to move in to a new home! Can’t wait to hear more about it. Please keep sharing!

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