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A forlorn buffet nobody wanted

MCM Turquoise Buffet

This post is a bit premature. I have no good before picture and the buffet isn’t finished, but dang! It’s been too long since my last post! I have words to say, but little to look at, so figured I’d show this progress.

The estate sale Tiffany and I conducted in June had a buffet in the basement. Very mid century, very cool, and very damaged. I put $30 on it. No takers. Second day it was $15. Still no takers. In the end, since nobody else wanted it, we took it. You know what they say, “if the bones are good….”




My vision was to paint it turquoise with stained wood for the handles and top. We’ve all seen the turquoise and wood pieces making their way around Pinterest. Trouble was, the top was badly damaged composition stuff and the handles had bad chips in them.


Ricky is the woodworker and painter of the family, but he likes to do straight out painting and repairing. Let’s not get creative or tiny or anything. I was convinced I could cut some veneer to make this repair. Yeah. That got me some dubious looks and eye rolls. My attempt:


OK, OK. So he was right. I admit it. But I had to try. The chips are now filled with wood putty and are awaiting brown paint. Any suggestions on color? Brown is so tricky! It needs to be a rich brown that doesn’t look like poopy.

Unlike me, Ricky’s been known to finish a few things. I should have a picture of the completed buffet in the next few days.


The completed buffet.

MCM Turquoise Buffet




We finally, FINALLY, got our ISP switched. We’re now on cable internet, TV and phone. Yep. We bundled. This took place on Monday, 4 days ago. It took 5 hours. The internet is incredibly faster than our old DSL. It actually loads the whole page of Pinterest pictures! And quickly! Before, about the first third of pictures would load and that was it. Blogs? Fugettabout it. To be fair, I think our DSL experience wasn’t the norm. I don’t think our local provider could handle the demand. But it was so bad, I got to the point that all I did on the internet was list on Etsy and play Words With Friends. Sometimes the WWFs didn’t want to load. But this…. This is like going from the old 2400 dial up to…… I don’t know. Whatever the next big thing was back then. I’m excited to get to catch up on what everybody has been doing on their blogs now. The big thing standing in my way now is all the new channels we got on the TV. Before, there was rarely anything to watch. Now? Oh, my! I can’t even DVR everything! LOL I’m like a kid in a candy store.

So, that’s my update. Such an exciting life I live.

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2 thoughts on “A forlorn buffet nobody wanted

  1. Hi Wanda, I do not sell much furniture because I do not want to lift it but I have been painting trays and candleabras turquoise and they have sold well. This piece will be very cool in turquoise. Good to see you today, olive

  2. Anything in beachy blue is a hit with me. Can’t wait to see the finished piece.

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