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There Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked… Weary, I Mean

Wicked is more Halloween appropriate. But what’s that you say? It’s not October, yet? I’m all mixed up. Just finished getting the shop fall and Halloween ready 3 days ago. Worked for a solid month, minimum, moving everything around. I don’t think there was anything that didn’t get touched. Maybe one corner. The garden club Tiffany is in had their program there Friday and that was the finish line. Pictures will be forthcoming in the next post.

Rather than relaxing or getting back to normal, Tiffany, Melanie and I took off to Lakewood 400 in Cumming, Georgia yesterday. (There are lots of pictures in this post. And a rarity, there are several of me. I don’t take good pictures and rarely show any, but these, while still not the person I see in the mirror, aren’t quite as horrible as mine usually are. So, I’m being brave and showing them.)

Melanie, Tiffany and me.

We really wanted to meet Sassy Trash, but she wasn’t there that day. Her friend, Martha?, was tending her booth. It was still a treat to see her booth and meet Martha. And Tiffany found the perfect birdcage there that went home with her. The picture below seems to be the only picture we got of her booth. The overhead. Odd that we didn’t get any other picture.

That little area of the flea market had the best booths! I think we spent the most time in Peg’s booths. Oh, I think her name was Peggy. Hope I’m right, ’cause that’s what I’m calling her.

[Melanie and Peggy]

She totally knew what we liked and was so sweet to let us hang around oohing and ahhing. We didn’t tell her that her picture might be on the blog. Hope she doesn’t mind. Melanie bought those things she’s holding and I bought a roll of burlap “ribbon”. Look at the tag on the burlap and the label on the jar in the picture below.

We all fell in love with these big pumpkins:

That’s me with Melanie. Sorry about the mannequin boob in your face on the right.

Although we didn’t get to meet Sassy Trash, we had a pleasant surprise and did get to meet Lauri of 2 Chippys! How had we forgotten that she’d be there, too? It just dawned on me that we didn’t get her picture. And she had on the cutest Magnolia Pearl outfit. Shame on us! But she took ours for us.

Me, Melanie and Tiffany in 2 Chippys booth.

One of Lauri’s fabulous Halloween displays.

And oh, the dyed ribbon booth…. yummy! I wanted to mummify myself in it all. But what did we get a picture of there? Her cool Halloween display.

The whole day, we only had one creepy guy checking Melanie out, talking to her, touching her shoulder… He was way young, too. Early thirties, maybe? And while we were in his booth, trying to take advantage of his interest – Which didn’t work. He didn’t give her a deal and she left empty handed. – A lady tripped over one of his boxes. God bless her! It hurt! That’s usually me and I have to say, I was glad it wasn’t me this time, but almost had rather it had been. It probably wouldn’t have hurt me as bad as it did her. She’s gonna be sore today.

In the interest of space and boring you to death, I’m refraining from showing all the pictures taken. Tiffany was our most excellent and diligent photographer. I carry my camera and never pull it out. But she did a great job. As we were walking out, she asked a man coming in the door to take our picture together.

Hey! My eyes were open in this picture! LOL And isn’t my chubby little girl picture precious?

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3 thoughts on “There Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked… Weary, I Mean

  1. Oh, my goodness…it looks like you had the most fun.

    Fritzi Marie

    p.s. I love the burlap ribbon and chubby baby photo you scored!

  2. Wow, looks like my kind of party:-) Love your pictures and all the goodies in the booths. I’ll be back to check out more of your treasures.

  3. Oh wow…didnt us “bama gals” strike a pose for the pics! Had a great time. Got a lot of neat things and ideas. BFF for ever…Happy junkin!

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