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Whadda-ya mean we can’t park there?

Sales were sparse this weekend, or at least the estate sales were. I wasn’t in the mood to trudge through a million yard sales with toys and stuff. Friday took me to four estate sales. Actually only 3. One was postponed. The first turned out to be a foreclosure/moving sale disguised as an estate sale. It was a large, new house and looked to be a young family with lots of toys. The decor was all new and beachy themed. But I’m getting ahead of myself. When I drove up, cars were parked as far as the eye could see. I’d go around a curve and there were more. Next curve, more cars.

*Here’s a tip for you. Two tips. When you approach a sale that has tons of cars parked, always drive past the sale to the opposite end of the parked cars. Don’t just pull in behind the first parked car. Probably, most people came in from the same direction you came and started parking behind each other. You stand a better chance of getting a closer spot if you go to the other end. This isn’t necessarily always true, but I’ve found it worth trying. And, always park downhill from the sale. Walk uphill going to the sale so that when you’re leaving with 25 lbs. of awkward goodies, you’ll be going downhill. Make it easier on yourself.

So I drove past all the cars to see if the other end would have a closer spot. It didn’t this time, but I did think to count the cars. Eighty six. I parked behind number 86 and walked the quarter mile to the house. The offerings were disappointing and as I made my way through, I overheard an angry policeman telling us if we were parked on the road we’d have to move. I was standing right next to him and asked what road? “That road”, he said pointing to the front. “You can’t park on a main road like that.” I asked, “All 86 cars?” “Yes, all 86.” Someone asked where we were supposed to park and he just snarled that he didn’t know, but we couldn’t park there. I’ve never heard of such! This road was wide enough that even with the cars parked on the side, two cars could still pass. I’ve been at much worse. Pig trails where we’d have to back up to let another car pass. I think he was just throwing his weight around. I’m sure he was correct, but really. What was the harm for a couple of hours? I decided there wasn’t anything there for me anyway and left.

So, the other two sales made me wish I’d not wasted my time at the first one. I didn’t get much, but was very pleased with the few things I found.

Large Chalk Cherub Plaque

Quite large, and heavy, chalk cherub plaque.

Antique Prayer Book and Keys

A small, antique, prayer book and some skeleton keys.

Film Reels

Film reels.

MCM Pendant Light Fixture

Fabulous, mid century modern, teak, pendant light fixture. A guy right behind me was so envious that I got to it first. I was surprised it was still there 3 hours after the sale started.


I think I’m keeping everything.

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2 thoughts on “Whadda-ya mean we can’t park there?

  1. That light is awesome! I would have had to fight you for that one.

  2. Ooooh! I love the chalk thingy. I keep buying them too. I agree too big to ship so I just have to keep them. Too bad, lol.

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